Khamsa Khemesa

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size: A5 [14.8 x 21.0 cms]

price: 50 LE

In Egyptian tradition, Khamsa Khmesa keeps away the envious eye. However, on the cover of our notebook our colorful Khamsa Khmesa – designed by the talented Nourhan Hamdy –  is meant to attract only beautiful eyes.

Art is life; it shows you the beautiful side of everything around you. Art is beauty. I was raised by an artist, my Father, he taught me to love all colours and feel each line. I can see art in anything and everything because nature is an art. My art usually includes traditional Arabic mandalas or doodles. I love creating new patterns, it actually needs lots of patience and concentration. I also, love learning new techniques to improve my skills and art.

In our quest to support young Egyptian talents, we provide an opportunity for young designers and photographers to bring their work to life. Behind every design is a story of a young artist who put their heart in their work to prove that their passion can actually pay a bill or two!

Hence, 10% of what you pay goes to supporting young artists.