Written by Sondos Abdallah

Hello Cairo! It’s Sondos here, and this week I bring you more of Cairo’s style! Remember, next time it could be you so make sure to dress stylish before you go out and who knows? You could be on the other end of my camera! You can also send in your own outfits for Cairo to see here!


Office Chic

Office attire that screams comfortable and stylish!
Office attire that screams comfortable and stylish!

Don’t you just love how the flowy white blouse makes those jeans look just ready to take on an office day? All that with the matching bag and shoes makes this perfect for work, college or just any kind of semi formal event.

Rolled up is so in!

The title says it all...
The title says it all…

A simple black top with a pair of rolled up jegging pants proved to be quite trendy in a casual way by adding the satchel bag it to the mix. It’s a perfect outfit for a good day out at college or wandering in the big city, Cairo.

Dynamic Duo


Mother and daughter fashion it up!
Mother and daughter fashion it up!

Let me just say this mother and daughter know what it takes to look good, confidant and stylish all while making it look effortless. Let me just say I hope mothers all around Cairo are this stylish!

The Bag, The Sweater And The Jay Look Alike


Behold, a stylish guy in Cairo!
Behold, a stylish guy in Cairo!

It’s really rare in Cairo to find a guy whose style just grabs your eyes and after roaming the streets of Cairo. I FINALLY found one! With a simple knitted sweater over a button up, he can’t look any cuter!  (And if you look closer, he looks like Jay Baruchel)

What do you think?

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