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Written by Sara ElWardani 

Have you ever got that feeling that you really need help concerning a certain situation or a problem you are going through but you’re just too afraid, scared or embarrassed to talk to anyone about it so you just find yourself stuck there? It’s an awful dilemma!
I mean, you can ask a friend or a family member knowing that they’d help you hands down, but you still refrain from telling anyone cause maybe it’s too…personal.

Well, let’s say there is a solution to that problem! Okay, let me be clearer about this.

Cairo Confessions not President Al-Sisi!
Cairo Confessions not President Al-Sisi!

One day while I was randomly scrolling on Facebook, I came across this group called “Cairo Confessions”. The group has more than 65,000 likes, and I found the idea of it magnificent!  The whole point of the group is to promote self expression, make people less judgmental and grant people the chance to confess to whatever they want to confess to and seek help from TONS of people they don’t know and so consequently bearing them any embarrassment, as their identity is completely unknown, not even to the admins of the page.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to speak to the founder. After the talk, my respect for the page increased to a whole new level.

Cairo Confessions launched in early March 2013 and the founder only started the page just for fun; they did not think of it as something serious or a big deal whatsoever. But that all changed when the likes on the page rocketed just overnight! Not only that, but most of those who liked the page sent in their own confessions. The likes continue to soar daily, and the number of confessions reached about 40 per day, and can reach to a hundred on heavy days, which proves the success of the page.

Not only does the page have its own twitter page now, they also go live on Speaker every Saturday and discuss topics requested by fans of the page.

The page makes regular gatherings, mainly to help promote self expression and let people get introduced to different types of perceptions from different types of people.

There was this one thing that captured my attention though, the founder kept their identity undisclosed. I mean why would they?! They’d get nothing but praise for creating something that actually helps a good number of people on a daily basis. Their reason though was pretty convincing. They said they wanted the people to not feel that the page is associated with a certain person, but as more of an organization type of thing. The founder believes that that would make people more comfortable when confessing. However the founder also said that they will reveal their identity sooner or later, because it is rather inevitable.

The founder and the admins are currently working on creating a mobile application for Cairo Confession to make it more accessible for everyone, which will hopefully be available in the near future.

I personally love the page so much; I think the whole idea of it is rather unique and also selfless.

I would like to end the column, leaving you with people’s opinions when I asked them what they thought of the page.

“Cairo Confessions, simply put, is the way Egyptians of all social classes can confess what’s bothering them. The page has, in a way, “uncovered” the dark side of the society. The fact that people can confess anonymously, has made it even more appealing to those who have no one to share their deepest and darkest secrets.” – David Yaqoub

“Cairo Confessions is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have met some of the most wonderful, kind-hearted people on earth, those kinds of people you may have thought ceased to exist. I have also been taught some of the most valuable lessons one can ever be taught from the confessions shared and from the spectacular comments. CC is not just a Facebook page to me; rather, it is my entire life. Words can never describe the uniqueness of CC.” – Yara Mohamed

“Meeting with people who you know nothing about initially was exciting, what I found after the gathering was that cc is a high tolerant, accepting, and positive community which we really lack in Egypt nowadays.” – Bebo


So that’s it you guys, hope you enjoyed reading this. And as always don’t forget to comment down below!!

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I am a graduate from German University Cairo. Reading novels is my passion and writing is my release. My guilty pleasures include fashion & playing around with my make-up kit. A couple of years back when I was introduced to the online world, back in 2007; I was quite surprised that in spite of the presence of thousands of young Egyptians who follow the online sphere daily, there wasn’t one site that represented us or our lifestyle. [Later we’d come to see the rise of the political, religion, social-elite, and foodie websites, but still the voice of the average Cairene youth was missing.] I was glad to find out that I wasn’t the only one who had the feeling of the outsider on the internet, that’s why I decided to gather a team to fill a gap & finally find our place online and give Cairo’s youth a real voice that reflects its true culture. I hope you find our site interesting with a new view of life. Besides running the magazine & editing, I write the “Sans Sugarcoating” column, pardon my french, and a couple of other stuff around here! If you want to contact me, my email is [email protected]; you can also use our contact form or email directly to [email protected]

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