Written by – Ola Oreiba

Hey peeps! I’m back AGAIN with Infusion with Fashion, still resorting, but this time with a classical crisp courtesy of Ralph Lauren’s Resort 2014.

Ralph Lauren Resort 2014
Ralph Lauren Resort 2014

The collection was mostly a line-up of ballerina silhouettes with two lilac outfits to break the endless queue of black and ballet-pink. Stretch body-suits and fitted leggings and dresses were the majority share of the collection where it takes you back to your memories as a kid in the studio with your mom, or further nostalgia to golden classic ages and art appreciation. Along with power suits and ending the show with a series of black evening dresses void of any embroidery or embellishment whatsoever. The collection had all the possible contrasts; minimal yet maximal, classic yet futuristic, so simple yet so full of sex appeal, nurtured by inner beauty of the soul. Ralph Lauren’s Resort 2014 collection carried the message of naturally descending into elegance without much effort; don’t push yourself and don’t try so hard to please.

So how can we translate this ballad into our daily nutcracker life? Voila!

The Power Suit:

photo1, blazer, suit, ankle boot, photo2
photo1, blazer, suit, ankle boot, photo2

If it’s a job, internship or just an important presentation at uni, you have to look your best and still be comfortable yet chic. I suggest you go for a tuxedo blazer for an ultra-powerful look with powder pink pants and pointy ankle boots for a subtle edge.

The Sheer Appeal:

photo3, jumpsuit, sandals, photo4, dress, collar necklace
photo3, photo4, sandals, jumpsuit, dress, collar necklace

The ability of a sheer part of your outfit to boost your sex appeal is 100% guaranteed. Since lace and chiffon have made the biggest comeback from retrospective fashion eras and has been there for a while and obviously staying for longer, they’re absolutely a must go to if you want to play it right. Wear it as a jumpsuit or a dress with sheer panels. Dress it up with nice lace up sandals and a metallic collar. *Ticks elegant* *Ticks sexy*


Fashion Inspiration9
necklace, clutch, photo5, jumpsuit1, jumpsuit2, belt

Monochrome, I mean do I need to say anything anymore? Whether it’s top and pants or jumpsuit –yes I’m a huge fan as you understand by now- and whether it is day or night, monochrome NEVER fails you. If you feel the need to dress it up, you can try a studded belt for a punk style, or a classic long necklace. Black clutch and pumps and hello bombshell *winks*

What do you think? So, easy right?

You realize how simple it all is? Tell me your opinion through comments or via email ([email protected])