Written by Ola Oreiba

Welcome back to your 2nd edition of prepping for winter with Infusion with Fashion.  I see smiling faces and smell no sweat clinging to fall’s mist, no? Ok! Whatever! We’re hardly feeling the heat except midday and already started stocking for winter. So what should we stock anyway, Tibi? What? Who’s Tibi? Make some noise for Amy Slimovic; the lovely lady behind the American brand; Tibi!

Fashion Inspiration15
Tibi Pre-Fall 2013 Ready-To-Wear

For the past couple of years, Tibi was all about basics and by basics I mean, effortless chic that goes for day and night, minimal accessorizing and letting the garments do all the talking. Celebrities and street bloggers are crazy for it because it’s offering what fashion is all about these days; natural looking, effortless, as if you’re born with it and because it reflects who you really are, it’s just you! Let’s see what Tibi’s basics are for this fall with the brands Pre-Fall 2013/2014 collection.

1. Layering Essentials:

Fashion Inspiration18
Look 1, Look 7

Girl about town? Show it! Wear varsities and get a chance to live American high school’s coolest girl in class kind of experience. With varsities available in different colors and fabrics, you can wear them anyway you want, even oversized (remember oversized?), a light sweater and slouchy (or skinny) pants/jeans would be great with a varsity.  You can also opt for a more classical look for a special outing/occasion with a simple zipped jacket. Team it with a dress or a simple shirt and pants. Cool *winks*

Fashion Inspiration19
zipped jacket, Isabel Marant pour H&M dress, varsity, slouchy pants, skinny jeans, oversized varsity

2. Statement Pants:

Fashion Inspiration17
Look 18, Look 15

I can’t stress enough on how much daring to wear printed or leather pants adds to your look and tells about your character. You don’t need to impress by adding anything extra to your outfit if you nail them, just like that, see the magic? Wear anything you like! If you’re wearing it the Tibi way, then try to contain the print in one element. If the pants are printed, then keep the rest plain and vice versa. Also keep the vibrant colors and prints at bay; it’s all about the basics after all. Another interesting item to add is a vest.

Fashion Inspiration20
blouse, leather pants, gilet, houndstooth pants, quilted sweater, checked pants

3. Don’t wear Pants ALL THE TIME:

Fashion Inspiration16
Look 4, Look 9

Skirts, mostly neglected by most of us who opt for more comfortable attire, but you got to show them some love, because they’re essential to your feminine sophisticated classy side. Woolen skirts are perfect for fall; they don’t have to be tight fitting or pencil skirts, just a basic below the knee airy skirt. Or who doesn’t love a leather skirt? It’s hard to mix it with the Egyptian streets I know –skirts in general in fact, sadly- but you still have to try them whenever you can. Go for a simple sweater with them for a cooler and certainly more casual feel.

Fashion Inspiration21
mermaid skirt, colour block sweater, quilted sweater, front seams sweater, turnover collar sweater, mermaid skirt 2, zip leather skirt

What do you guys think?

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