Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Sometimes it seems that the train of trends, methods, and products is moving just a little too fast – even for us beauty fanatics. My mother wasn’t one herself so most of what I’ve learnt has come from good old trial, error, and success. Here are 10 quick hacks/tips that have kept me going through the years:

1.   Hairpins + Hair Spray


Spray hairpins with strong-hold hairspray to prevent them from slipping out of your hair and reassuringly keep your hairdo in place.

2.   Eye Drops


Smashed powder (eyeshadow, compact powder, etc.)…? Add eye drops to the formula, apply pressure and let it set. It’ll be as good as new once it dries out. Speaking of dry, what about dried mascara? Add a few eye drops, shake the tube, and watch it glide onto your lashes.

3. Socks!

Winter is coming, which means we’re soon to experience dry feet. Apply your trusted moisturizer/cream/lotion/Vaseline to your feet, wear some comfy socks and leave it overnight. You’ll wake up with super soft feet.

4. Talc Powder

Use it when you’re short on dry shampoo [or as an alternative with the sky rocketing prices of cosmetics in this economy]. Hair de-greased in seconds!

5. Compact/Loose Powder

Use a light touch of powder to set makeup, minimize oily shine, and tone down too much blush.

6. Skip the Provided Applicator

Invest in makeup brushes of different types; synthetic for liquids/creams and natural for powders. Ironically, most applicators packed in makeup products, like those tiny eyeshadow sponge applicators, just don’t allow the best use and smooth application of the product. The right brush can help make use of the cheapest eyeshadow and ensure you don’t end up looking clown-ish while using bronzer or blush.

7. Blend!

Referring to the above point; invest in a blending brush for eyeshadow and watch your woes of smoky and complex eye looks go by. Yes, blending is key for the perfect makeup look. Avoid cakey-ness by blending concealer/foundation/powder/bronzer well – not just on your face, but also into your hair roots and down to your neck. Same goes for blusher if you want to avoid being called Bozo!

8. Mix Colours

Sometimes you just can’t find the right shade of concealer even in the midst of MAC’s vast variety of shades; other times, there’s that lip colour that’s out of stock but you desperately need. No sweat. You can mix two shades of concealer or foundation to achieve just the right tone for your skin. Personally, I enjoy mixing lipstick colours to achieve new or out of stock shades. It also saves money, since all I need is 2 or 3 main colours to play around with.

Extra tip: Try mixing shades within the same brand for smoother formula outcomes.

9. Line Lips Without Lip Liner!

Lip liners are so old school now, while lip pencils are definitely in. Every makeup fan gets to deal with different lip formulas from the traditional lipstick to the modern liquid lip colours. Whichever it is try lining your lips first with your chosen lip colour – outer AND inner lines – then fill in; you’ll find that your lip look just took a more defined shape which lasts longer and doesn’t require that much smudging around to achieve.

Extra tip: Use a lip brush if the product applicator doesn’t help with lining.

10. Damp = Intense

If you’re looking for more intense colour, dampen your brush before applying eyeshadow.

What do you think?

What beauty tips would you like to share? Do you use any of these tips in your daily life? Let us know in the comments below!