Street Style: Hit The Color Boundaries… At El Alsson School Reunion!

Written by Shutterbug

Hi I’m Shutterbug; together we’ll be viewing fashion and style through my humble lens.

This week I’ll be taking a look back at the El Alsson’s First All Class reunion, a celebration of the school’s 30th Anniversary. El Alsson graduates went to renew old friendships, talk about the “good old days”, remember the days of their youth, meet their old teachers and have a great time! There were many different styles that were unique; each young lady was able to stand out with her look and personality!

Fashion Power!


A fearless mix of trends with a lot of care with the personal details.

Patterns In Pairs… At El Alsson Reunion!


 Looking chic in patterns with a pop of unexpected color.

Weekend Casual…. At El Alsson Reunion!


…..and sometimes its all in the bag!

Walk With Colors… At El Alsson Reunion!


The colorful bag was quite bold, We love how she matched the necklace with the bag….. simply cheerful!!!

The Trendy, The Casual, And The Effortless… At El Alsson Reunion!


Trendy maxi skirt and vest, sheer top, pastels…. We’re not sure which outfit is our favorite, but we’re loving the trio nevertheless.

What do you think?

Which style you liked best? What would you where to your school reunion? Where would you like us to explore next? Let us know in a comment!


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I am a graduate from German University Cairo. Reading novels is my passion and writing is my release. My guilty pleasures include fashion & playing around with my make-up kit. A couple of years back when I was introduced to the online world, back in 2007; I was quite surprised that in spite of the presence of thousands of young Egyptians who follow the online sphere daily, there wasn’t one site that represented us or our lifestyle. [Later we’d come to see the rise of the political, religion, social-elite, and foodie websites, but still the voice of the average Cairene youth was missing.] I was glad to find out that I wasn’t the only one who had the feeling of the outsider on the internet, that’s why I decided to gather a team to fill a gap & finally find our place online and give Cairo’s youth a real voice that reflects its true culture. I hope you find our site interesting with a new view of life. Besides running the magazine & editing, I write the “Sans Sugarcoating” column, pardon my french, and a couple of other stuff around here! If you want to contact me, my email is [email protected]; you can also use our contact form or email directly to [email protected]

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