Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Since the day seems to be turning to quite a celebration –we hope it stays that way- we thought it was only appropriate to wish you guys a Happy Sixth of October from all of us here at Cairo Contra. Of course, if you’re not an Egyptian or just not into patriotic holidays, happy just-another-Sunday to you! =)

Whether you plan to celebrate in Tahrir, your nearest square, somewhere by the beach, an untimely family reunion, or just in front of the TV watching Cairo go by; we sincerely do hope that you find a moment of quite serenity to think about all the things that make this country great. We are not haughty patriots over here but deep down each and every one of us, we are thankful for the freedoms we are afforded and how lucky we are to live in such a blessed country – you don’t believe us? Think about it this way; just a year ago, you had Morsi for president and you weren’t sure where your army’s loyalties lied. So yes, there is a lot to be thankful about today.

On a shallow note, if you feel as patriotic as us about celebrating today, stick around. We’ll be talking about fashion in a while. In case you’re not into fashion, check out our topics list on the right side. We’re sure you’ll find a read that caters to your taste. (We’re spending today indoors as well so if you have any suggestions about how to pass the time, please leave it in a comment below)

Here’s to the October Victory Day and, hopefully, a fantastic rest of the year!