Guest Post: Breast Cancer Awareness

Written by guest writer Osama Hegazy


Greetings Cairenes! My name is Osama Hegazy, I’m a student in medical school (which doesn’t mean I’m an expert in any way)and I’ll be your guest writer/awareness guy for the day. So, it’s October where the world turns pink with the famous pink ribbon. Of course it does! It’s breast cancer month. I really think you people out there know very little about breast cancer so, I’m here to guide you to the early detection methods of breast cancer (which is the most important issue) and how to hopefully prevent it.


On the bright side of this topic, breast cancer cure rates are increasing so it could be controlled and lost but this depends on the time of detection. Early detection is the best cure for breast cancer.

How to Detect Breast Cancer:

Mammography; I’m pretty sure most of you heard about that but it’s not the only way to diagnose breast cancer. A breast exam could also help but you can’t just depend on a mammogram or breast examination. To make it easier, visiting your gynecologist every once in a while won’t hurt and could save you a lot of pain.


What a mammogram looks like (close enough)
What a mammogram looks like (close enough)

Gynecologists also suggest females regularly check for lumps however, talking about that is not in my area of expertise. You could read more about that by clicking on this link.

Exercise; in my opinion, that is the world’s best natural preventive measure from anything in the whole world whether it be medical issues, psychological depression or stress. You also need a balanced healthy diet too.

For the future moms, regular breast feeding and appropriate child weaning helps preventing cancer as the lactation mechanism includes hormonal regulations which helps in preventing the development of cancer. I would also like to add hormone replacement therapy as a cause; having lost a beloved one to breast cancer after hormone replacement therapy. Please take a moment to pray for her. I encourage you not to get hormonal therapy unless medically needed and best under a physician’s close supervision.

So stay healthy, lose weight, and quit smoking and drinking alcohol! Remember; if you’re fit and healthy, the risk of breast cancer is minimized. Hope my words leave you sound and safe.


For more information about breast cancer, its detection or any queries you might have, please, leave a comment or send us an email via [email protected]


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