Written by Alaa (aka Lols) 

Welcome back, Cairenes! Yes, still no “Decisions in a Halo” but I have a treat for you. It may not be as exciting or dramatic as the Gang’s story but the scene I’m about to tell its story was given to me by Samir Tabarem himself, the “leader” of the Gang. Apparently, Samir wrote this scene, when he was in Canada, shortly after Fady cut ties with him. I received his draft with a note attached to it saying “I want you to share this with everyone else”. I bet it’s personal; that’s why Samir wanted to share it with you. I hope you guys enjoy it. 


The Dreamers, once upon a time.
The Dreamers, once upon a time.


The Dreamers; they used to go by that name…at least between each other. Their imagination and stories were fueled by their combined sense of escape from the world that surrounded them. Who they were and who they became doesn’t matter. It’s that moment in time, that still and fragile moment that makes all the difference. They’re neither young nor old. They’re Dreamers, kind of like the Lost Boys of Never Land. They never grew up and they never will. They’re not brothers by blood, but their tie is stronger than that. They were far alike, they have practically nothing in common except perhaps for the strongest thing ever, their imagination.

They used to sneak out of their houses at night when they were young. They used to live in the same neighborhood and it was from there that their bond came to be. They would meet in the middle of the distance between both their houses and walk together to their spot, atop the grassy hill at the end of their neighborhood. The stars would look down at their visitors. It would seem that their shine grew stronger when the two boys sat under them ready to explore their “realms beyond”.

They would come up with stories not even the best of authors can think of. They would describe characters, live out battles and explore magic and myths. They would laugh, argue, discuss, expand their stories and tease each other. They would always compare who had the brightest and strongest form of imagination. Before the break of dawn, after they would have shared everything about their worlds beyond, they would sneak back into their houses after promising each other a secret meeting the next night.

A few years have passed and the tradition was going stronger than ever. Their need for escape and imagination was insatiable. One night, atop the grassy hill, under the twinkling stars, the bigger of the two boys stopped his story and looked above. He pointed to the sky and said “Someday, we’ll be up there, you and I. We’ll be watching over our kids and grandkids from two of these stars”

“You think?” said the smallest.

“Yeah; we’ll be doing it here on Earth, might as well do it when we’re up there too…side by side” and he smiled.

“Sounds like a deal to me. Growing old together here and staying immortal together up there. Looks like we have our work cut out for us” The smallest of the friends smiled as well.

Another few years passed but this time, the grassy hill grew emptier and died. The stars above faded one by one. The stories and realms that were used to be explored gathered dust and became nothing but fragments of the two boys’ imagination. Their flaws, their covered up contrast, got the best of them. They grew apart; they were no longer Dreamers. Tense and awkward were their conversations now. Their combined imagination split into two distinct personalities thus, accentuating their differences even more. The bigger of the two boys lost himself in life, broke his promise of friendship and turned into a person neither of them came to recognize. He abandoned everything he cherished and held dear for a carefree life, with nothing to fuel him to become a better person. The smallest of them held on to the very last minute until he gave up on his friend. Hurt and disappointed, He lost his trust and belief in anything good that could come out of people. He buried those secret nights where the two boys would meet, deep within him, in parts of his soul he would never venture back into.

But however distant they may be, for one has stuck to the neighborhood and the other moved far away, their imagination remains the one true common between them, their means of escape from this world to different realms. The question that I ask myself and you should all ask as well is the same that Jack Savoretti poses in his song “Dreamers”:

“Whatever happened to the Dreamers?

They always looked beyond the sky,

Saw a world they could believe in,

Only when they close their eyes…”

Think about it.