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"They bumped into each other, nearly knocking her off her feet when he caught her with mighty speed. "
“They bumped into each other, nearly knocking her off her feet when he caught her with mighty speed. “

Not to worry dear fans! “Decisions in a Halo” wasn’t cancelled from our blog. The characters needed a bit of time off from their drama and whimsical fates and dilemmas (so did their writer to be honest seeing as how I’m currently under the weather). So instead of venturing inside their world and minds, I’m taking you diving into another realm with different stories to tell and characters to meet. This short scene was inspired by one of my favourite movies and books, Pride and Prejudice.

“The house was quiet despite the distant creak of wooden furniture. The maids were fast asleep. The residents of the house were snuggled comfortably in their warm beds except for one. Sleep never met her eyes that night. Her thoughts were too busy to shut down that evening. He, her senses pointing towards a similarity in the feelings that now occupy her heart, showed a great deal of change since last she fought with him about a matter that she hoped would be forgotten.

“It seems like sleep will never be my friend for this night”, thought she. Picking up her blue satin robe, she got off her bed and decided to take a stroll down the riverside. The air was gentle as it swept through her dark hair. “I was foolish enough to send him away, foolish enough to trust my feelings toward him, the hatred that I channelled must have given him the wrong idea! Stupid girl!” she thought out loud, liking the idea that only the beautiful lavenders, the strong tall oak trees and the calm river were the only listeners in on her thoughts. She liked taking walks down the riverside, dabbing her feet into the cool water every now and then. It helped her soothe her misguided soul and made her see a clearer view on matters. The sun was still shying away from its recipient, the wide blue heaven above.


“How I ached when I saw her, the feelings I have for her…It’s hard to explain,” his thoughts were stinging his heart. He couldn’t share his love for her the way she shared her anger at his pride and obnoxious self. He liked to watch the sunrise by the river. It gave him hope and the lavenders reminded him constantly of her, the smell of her hair and the beauty of her appearance were embedded in them. The strong oak trees were a constant image of her strong yet delicate personality, someone like him. He walked on, gravel cracking under his bare feet.

They bumped into each other, nearly knocking her off her feet when he caught her with mighty speed. She looked into his eyes and he into hers. The sun was slowly rising at last, sending its rays up to the heavens. The air seemed to have reacted with the arrival of the sun, gaining speed but still soft enough to not damage the sleek dark hair of the fair maiden.

“It’s…you! I didn’t know you walked here!” She straightened herself and waved away a lock out of her face.

“Helps me clear my mind… Look, I know we haven’t been the best of friends but there is something I need to share with you.” said the polite gentleman as he moved closer to his companion. The latter felt her heart skip a beat and heat rise in her cheeks but managed to maintain a straight face.

“What, might I ask is keeping the monsieur away from his usual self? Parted that long from it, gives me concern.” She tried to be sarcastic but failed. The sun was creeping slowly upwards in the clear blue sky. The air was as it was when they got up: crisp and cool.

“I love you…and I am sorry if I ever offended you. I know you might not share the same but I had to get it off my chest” He passed his hand through his dark untidy hair, hoping that somehow all that was would be forgotten. The woman didn’t reply. She stood there staring into his brown eyes, trying to channel what she felt in her heart but somehow his gaze let her know that he didn’t feel that hidden connection. She closed in on him, held his hands and kissed him.

The birds were starting to wake up, singing their joy of a new morning or perhaps, their joy of a new reunion.


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