From Another Realm: July Competition

Written by Alaa (aka Lols)

So you think you can write? Practice your writing skills and show us what you’ve got!

Contest Rules:

  • Submissions start from today 14/7/2014 to  28/7/2014.
  • Stories are to be submitted as a word document attachment in an email to [email protected]
  • Winner gets his/her story published the following week, on Thursday 07/08/2014, via Cairo Contra.
  • Submit a short story of no more than 500 words, with a title, and picture based on the background theme included in the piece below.


The first "Fanoos" of Ramadan.
The first “Fanoos” of Ramadan.

“The Holly Month of Ramadan is almost over with half of it almost gone. During that month, aside from all the food that we eat, the television series that we watch and the religiousness that we bask in, one very important aspect of Ramadan is the “Fanoos”. With its many colors, lights and overall surreal presence, many have wondered about the origins of the “Fanoos”: Where did the First Fanoos come from? How did it come to being? Who was the First People to ever use it? Why? And come the “Fanoos” has a captivating hold on both young and old?” 


Submit your story based on the origins of the “Fanoos”. You can base your story on real life history but you CAN NOT use real life history to write your story. The era and genre (comedy, mystery, historical…etc.) of the story is entirely up to you, the writer.

Pens up everyone! May the best fiction writer win!

For further inquiries or information you are welcome to send us an email at [email protected] or send us a message via our Facebook page.

About Alaa Rahman

I’m one of the In-Betweeners. I hover between reality and fiction worlds (of my own creation or currently existent). However, my 28 year old Economic Analyst alter ego at the Egyptian Ministry of Finance keeps me grounded in real life (unfortunately!). I am a big freak when it comes to Harry Potter related basically anything. I love writing; I draw and paint as well as cook and play the violin (still an amateur though!) Kingdom Hearts is – in my opinion – the best fantasy game out there and music is life! I’ll be writing Decisions in a Halo and editing fiction pieces to whoever feels like venturing in the world of myth.

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