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"Everyone needs an escape"
“Everyone needs an escape”


Sarah sat in the corner of her dark bedroom, silent and still. The crickets outside her windows sang through the chilly autumn night. The soft breeze passed by the leaves of the trees that stood tall in the garden of her Maadi Villa. Her eyes were focused on a picture of the Gang on Samir’s 22nd birthday, a few months before he left for Canada five years ago. She remembered that day as if it were yesterday. It wasn’t just a birthday celebration, but it was also a celebration of friendship, of the Gang, of everything that tied them together. Their younger images stared back at her, laughing and smiling, not a care in the world. A few tears dropped down her cheeks. How life was simple, back then!

Setting aside the photo on her unkept bed, Sarah stood up from her corner, wiped the tears off her face and resumed packing. She decided it was time to be on the move again, to escape everything and everyone around her for a while until she could regain herself. That night was an overload of events and people she realized couldn’t bear anymore. Although Sarah knew that she was to see Karim earlier that day (even if it was from afar), she wasn’t prepared for her former best friend’s marriage to the one person who ruined practically everyone’s life. But Sarah couldn’t blame Salma. After all, Sarah abandoned her in a time so critical to her. She didn’t even follow up with her to see whether things between her and Fady ever got fixed. Anything she knew of the matter, Nevine news anchored it to her upon her return from England.

Sarah’s phone suddenly cut off her train of thoughts. God, I wish I thought of a million pounds! It was dear old Nevine, calling to check on her…for the fiftieth time. Sarah didn’t want to talk to anyone related to the Gang whatsoever; she had had enough of their drama and quite frankly, had enough of talking. After the last ring of her tone died out, Sarah took her phone, opened it up, smashed the SIM card and threw its remainders in the bin. She got back to her packing, her mind now wrestling with the words she said – or more accurately – shouted to Samir before she left him. Was she too harsh on him? Was it worth it to tell him all that? Samir always had a knack at ignoring sound advice…He had it coming though…He dragged them all into another poisonous pit of drama…He needed to wake up before it was too late.

Everything in her room was packed up, except for the frame of the Gang’s photo, still lying on Sarah’s unkept bed. She looked at it profusely. This was the one memory she had of the Gang in happier times, care free and actually in enjoyment of each other’s company. Cursing under her breath, Sarah turned on her heels, dragged her luggage and left. The Maadi Villa now stood dark and silent. The echoes of the night reverberated in its halls.


- “Hello?” - “We need to talk.”
– “Hello?”
– “We need to talk.”

A cigarette in hand, his headphones in place, blasting his music as loud as he could, Fady wandered off in the streets of Cairo, helpless, humiliated and weak. Samir turned him down and who could blame him? After five years, it’s no wonder he didn’t beat the shit out of him when he saw him. It was stupid of Fady to ask for anything from Samir after he’d cut any ties to him for no apparent reason. Well, Fady had his “reasons” but do they matter anymore? Samir was right. Five years changed a lot in the world as it is, so excluding the fact that his friends didn’t change as well was pure stupidity on his part.

As Fady continued his walk in the now emptying streets of Zamalek, a group of young Egyptians, no less than two dozen, were rallying in front of a kiosk erected on one of the side streets. They had flags, slogans, banners and will all prepared. Fady didn’t know why they were protesting; he was so isolated from all that’s been going around of late in Egypt that he was sure he wouldn’t be able to tell who’s in power now. Fady stood by for a few moments as the young group gathered itself then marched away, silent and now sporting a black ribbon across their arms.

Egypt has changed a lot over the past years. The people showed their true color by just the right manipulation. Fady suddenly felt a sinking feeling in his heart. Did he make Samir show his true color tonight? Was he the reason for his friend’s coldness? He also started thinking about Ibrahim, Nevine and Sarah. If he would approach them too, would he get the same reaction from them as he did from Samir? Putting out his cigarette, Fady made his way back to his car, blasting the music even louder to mask the voices and thoughts whispering in his head.

As he approached the car, Fady’s cell phone suddenly rang; an unknown number appeared on the screen.


“We need to talk.”


Another end to another season!

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