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"Loyalty is his code"
“Loyalty is his code”


Cairo is truly the city that never sleeps. The starry night sky was dimmed out by the blazing lights of the city below. Traffic was unbearable even at midnight – which is quite normal on a Thursday. It was also a chilly autumn night, probably the last one before winter hit full frontal. Ibrahim and Nevine sat quietly in the car as they waited for the congestion to break. One of Om Kalthum’s classic concerts (one that started with “Enta Omri”) played in the background, breaking the silence between the couple. The latter however was enjoying the strong yet soft voice of the deceased music icon. It was soothing their nerves and effacing the uncomfortable reunion that occurred earlier that evening. Ibrahim smiled and looked to his side. Nevine, noticing his smile, looked at him.


“What?” Ibrahim asked. He put the car into first gear as the cars started to slowly move.

“You’re smiling. I’m actually astonished that you would after what happened tonight” responded Nevine.

“I was thinking about the first time we met. We were talking about this song”

Nevine looked at her fiancé and smiled. “You remember?”

“How can I forget? We were at the Shooting Club, like we always were. It was summer. You had your hair tied up in a messy bun like you always do when you’re hot. You were wearing a blue summer dress and sandals. You were just breathtaking. The others were there too. I think we were going for lunch or something. And the subject of the song came up, you and I talked about it. We talked about it as if we were the only ones there. It was…just perfect. I think that was the moment I fell in love with you.”

“And why is that?” asked Nevine playfully, with her heart beating loudly in her ears and her cheeks turning red.

“Because you talked about the song passionately; as if your life depended on it. You spoke every lyric with feeling and at some point; it drew tears to your eyes. I just knew someone who could appreciate a song like this had to have a passion strong enough to make me fall in love” and Ibrahim took her left hand and kissed it. He then threw her a wink and focused on the road ahead. Nevine felt like she was swimming in a pool of clouds. Her heart was singing and her mind was scrambled. Her body felt light. She loved how he recounted his memories of when they first met; every single one of them.


"...Ibrahim took her left hand and kissed it. He then threw her a wink and focused on the road ahead. Nevine felt like she was swimming in a pool of clouds..."
“…Ibrahim took her left hand and kissed it. He then threw her a wink and focused on the road ahead. Nevine felt like she was swimming in a pool of clouds…”


“Did you call Sarah?” Ibrahim’s sudden question burst her happy bubble and brought her back down to Earth.

“Not since last time I called her, when we left. I’ll give it another try” Nevine dialed her friend’s number and got no answer; for the fifth time Sarah didn’t pick up.

“I don’t get it! Why isn’t she picking up?” Nevine said, frustrated.

“Try calling Samir. Maybe he knows something about her”

Nevine dialed Samir’s number and after a few rings, got a busy tone.

“He cancelled on me!” She dialed again and got the same response from her friend, “Ugh!”

The couple sat in silence for the remainder of the road, letting “Kawkab El Sharq” magic their silence with her voice and powerful lyrics. After a long drive (which usually only took half an hour from Zamalek to Nevine’s house in Dokki), Ibrahim pulled over in front of his fiancée’s house.

“I’m worried, Ibrahim” said Nevine, looking straight ahead at her empty neighborhood’s street.

“I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t…the upcoming match for our national team is going to be a tough one” Ibrahim replied with all the seriousness in the world.

“I’m serious, you dope! It’s the tenth time Sarah is not answering me and now, Samir is not picking up his phone”

Ibrahim sighed. “Honey, they’ll be fine. It’s Sarah and Samir we’re talking about. I mean, we’ve all been through worse right? Besides, we should focus on finding Fady. Seeing Karim and Salma tonight shouldn’t distract us in the least of ways” Ibrahim was lying; he felt his tone unsteady. When he saw Karim earlier that evening, all he wanted to do was break his neck. But he had to stay calm, more for Nevine than for him.

Nevine looked at her feet. “I wish this could all just magically fix itself, you know?”

“I know, babe” Ibrahim leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, “you just relax and have a good sleep…assuming that your dad won’t kill you for coming this late”

“I’ll tell him you’re the reason I was late” Nevine stuck out her tongue and left the car. She smiled at Ibrahim and waved to him as he sped away. She took out her phone one last time and dialed Sarah’s number.

“The number you are trying to reach is unavailable or might have been disconnected. Please try again later”


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