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"Samir settled his glass down and looked at his phone. It was midnight."
“…his mind recalled the events that occurred earlier that evening”


Samir Tabarem was sitting in a bar in one of Zamalek’s refined hotels. His hands cradled a glass of whiskey on the rocks, untouched. He wasn’t a drinker, never had one in his life. However that night, he needed that drink. The bar was filled with foreigners, young Egyptians with a high dose of westernized blood in them and lovers dancing slowly to the blues of the saxophone. Samir settled his glass down and looked at his phone. It was midnight. Exactly five years have passed since he admitted himself in that clinic in Montreal; to deal with his alter self. His fingers tugged at the small brown leather bracelet wrapped around his wrist that had been given to him for good luck. His eyes rested back on his drink and his mind recalled the events that occurred earlier that evening.

“This is awkward…” said Samir as his eyes flickered from one member of the Gang to the other as they all stood – short for one – in front of “Crave”.

“Yes…awkward indeed! The whole lovely Gang, reunited at last…” replied Karim, his face showing an amused look at the coincidence that just took place.

“What are you guys doing here?” asked Salma, her eyes flickered from one “friend” to another. They were all here except for Fady.

“What’s going on?” asked Nevine, eyeing Ibrahim who was at a loss for words. He diverted his gaze to Sarah who in turn sighed and shook her head. Why is it always her that they look at for answers?

” we’ve actually come here because…. It’s about Fady,” Sarah said

Salma’s heart skipped a beat or two at the mention of her ex-fiancé. A lot of questions suddenly popped up in her head and realized why Sarah and Samir visited her that afternoon in her office. Karim’s look, upon hearing Fady’s name, changed from amused to utter indifference and demeanor.

” Would you mind if we go inside and talk?” asked Samir, looking directly at Salma. 


“’Course we’re in! Why miss out on this wonderful gathering, right dear?” Karim wrapped his arms tightly around Salma’s waist and landed a kiss on her cheek.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did we not mention that we’re married?” said Karim as he raised his ring finger. Salma didn’t know what to do. She stood there wrapped in her husband’s arms and feeling quite uncomfortable. She didn’t want them to know like this.

The other members of the Gang were taken aback by the bit of news they just heard. All of them felt a pit form in their stomach. How could she marry Karim, the vilest human on the planet? How could she associate herself with the man who made all their lives miserable? 

“Congratulations! I would have brought something with me but…you know” said Sarah, weakly smiling.

 Karim laughed, holding on his wife more tightly. Salma on the other hand didn’t know what to say.


“No need to explain yourself, Salma. You’re a grown woman and you know what’s best for you. I just hope you can handle it. Congratulations again” said Sarah, as she turned her back on them and walked away. Samir, giving the couple the darkest look he could muster, followed Sarah to make sure she was okay.

“So the gathering thing is off, I presume?” smirked Karim as he called after them, “Oh well, it’s their loss”

Salma wanted to go after her but something inside her didn’t want to go after anybody anymore. Besides, Sarah abandoned her once upon a time when she needed her the most. As for Ibrahim and Nevine, they were rooted in place. Ibrahim’s hatred to Karim became a blinding force of rage towards the man and he now had a very low opinion of Salma.

” We could have a double date if you’d want. Go out for dinner?” asked Karim nonchalantly.

“Maybe some other time. Congratulations” replied Nevine as she took her fiancé by the hand, shot the couple a disgusted look and left. She then suddenly stopped midway, turned back and walked towards the couple. She leaned in and whispered in Salma’s ear.

 “And I hope you know you don’t have the right to tell me that…” snapped Salma as both women eyed each other.


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