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How strong is your future against the past?
How strong is your future against the past?

After a quick trip to Tim Horton’s, stacking up on chocolate filled products and coffee, the three friends walked to Samir’s apartment down on DeMaisonneuve Boulevard in Downtown Montreal, a five minute trip from the Concordia University campus. Samir was calmer than earlier when he broke down in the hallway with Mariam and Susan comforting him through his tears.

Samir didn’t speak at all. His eyes were staring widely into nothingness. His eyes were bloodshot and surrounded by dark haloes. Finally arriving at the apartment, the three friends went in and proceeded with setting a relaxing mood for their friend.

Two paintings of Samir’s favorite city, Paris hung behind a grey sofa with a tall lamp placed next to it. A Blackwood coffee table adorned the center of the room with a multicolored rug covering the area. A TV station was set up facing the sofa and the best aspect of the entire apartment (which Susan admired and couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of it every single time) was the fact that books on top of books seemed to be stacked in every corner of the living room all the way to the bed room.

“*sigh* I just can’t help but feel wowed by these books! SO COOL!” said Susan as she put her hands on her mouth and ran to the nearest pile of books and went on reading the first book she touched.

Mariam chuckled as she placed the coffee and chocolate filled food on the table. Samir walked zombie like and let himself fall on the sofa and closed his eyes for a few minutes. He wanted to focus on his breathing to calm down and drown himself in silence. Mariam and Susan’s voices interrupted that silence but he didn’t mind. Susan, with her pixie cut brown hair and hipster dark glasses covering her hazel colored eyes, stood taller than Mariam. The latter however was calmer in terms of fashion and aura. Her hair was dark and rested gently on her shoulders. As they discussed the book and taking what they bought to the kitchen, Samir couldn’t help but smile for the first time that day. That is until his alter-self decided it was time to make an appearance yet again.

You’re pathetic, you know that?” he said. Samir’s eyes widened and his breathing became rapid.

“I mean, your constant reliance on others to reach that comfort zone disgusts me! Are you that weak?” Samir’s alter-self’s eyes were filled with rage and disgust.




“What? What’s wrong?” said Susan as she ran by Samir’s side. Samir was breathing heavily and was sweating profusely. His pupils were dilated and he was shaking to the point where his teeth were almost shattering.

“It was him again, wasn’t it?” asked Mariam as she crouched in front of Samir, placing her hands on his knees. Samir, his body shaking, nodded weakly. Susan and Mariam looked at each other with concern mixed with a determination to help out their friend.

“Samir, there’s only one way you can get out of this…” said Susan. Samir veered his head towards Susan and with now shattering teeth, weakly said “An-nyth-ing!”


A few days later, Samir, Mariam and Susan were on the steps of a widely renowned mental clinic.  Samir didn’t tell anyone about his admittance and had to lie about it to his parents saying that he was taking the semester in British Columbia University as part of a course. Mariam and Susan encouraged the idea of him not letting anyone know about this because the lesser the people who know, the lesser the stress is going to be and the faster the healing process. They were by his side which was more than enough for him.

“Here, I have something for you” Susan took off her small brown leather bracelet with red and white intertwining threads from around her wrist and placed it around Samir’s.

“What is this?” he asked, a weak smile spreading across his face.

“It’s a lucky charm. It got me through some tough times and well, I want you to have it”

Samir gazed on the bracelet then looked up at his friends with tearful eyes, “I can’t thank you enough. Both of you”


The Gang's group photo when life was kinder to them, Autumn 2010
The Gang’s group photo when life was kinder to them, Autumn 2010

While Samir was recovering from his condition, Sarah learned devastating news concerning her mother’s health. Fearing for her life and convinced that medical treatment wasn’t the best her mother deserved in Egypt, Sarah and her family flew to London. Sarah didn’t care about anything or anyone at the time; she didn’t care her best friend, Salma was going through a rough patch, she didn’t care what happened between Ibrahim and Nevine, she didn’t want to know what Fady did or why he did it and she sure as hell wasn’t keen on talking to Karim. Sarah didn’t even say that she was leaving; she just packed up and left.

Ibrahim and Nevine’s relationship was on the rocks. Ibrahim, blinded by jealousy and the thought that he might have already lost Nevine to Karim, was so angry and frustrated that he walked up to the latter one night in their usual hanging spot in the club and kept punching him till he almost killed the guy if it hadn’t been for Fady and the rest of his friends getting him off. Karim merely stood up, face bloodied and smirked at Ibrahim who spat on him and left. Ever since that night that she met with Karim, Nevine tried to reach out for Ibrahim but in vain.

Salma, having been abandoned by her childhood best friend Sarah and the love of her life Fady, decided it was her time too to leave the town in search for her future as a columnist and journalist. She parted with her old life, seeking a hopefully better one. She didn’t know where she wanted to go but a good place for her to start was where all the excitement seemed to be. New York City.

Karim and Fady’s friendship weirdly blossomed during all the chaos that befell the Gang. Fady came to trust Karim with his life especially after what the latter divulged to him concerning his best friend Samir and calling Fady on his apparent mistake on taking Salma as his wife for all eternity since he wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment yet. Numbing the pain through drinks and girls, Fady’s existence was destroyed to the point where his parents had to cut him off unless he got “his shit back together”, as his father screamed at him one night. Fady was found, passed out on the sofa that night with a bottle of whiskey dangling from his hand.


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