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"The Gang members stood still, speechless and shocked. Old emotions resurfaced. Memories rushed back. Destiny was definitely playing its part well."
“The Gang members stood still, speechless and shocked. Old emotions resurfaced. Memories rushed back.”


After her sudden encounter with Sarah and Samir, Salma took the rest of the day off with “family emergency” as her excuse to leaving. She called her husband, Karim and asked him if it was possible that they eat out tonight. He apologized and told her he had an important meeting that evening that he had to attend. Cursing her luck, Salma hung up and decided on going to her favorite restaurant, in Zamalek.

The traffic jam was horrible that day, Thursdays and Mondays are always the worst and Karim cursed the fact that he took his car to go to Zamalek on a Thursday. But with some luck and a lot of shouting and cursing, he found a parking spot and seized it immediately without even caring if the restaurant was a nice walk away. Closing up his car shut, Karim walked away towards the restaurant, his questions for Ibrahim all set and ready. Yes, he was hungry and all but despite Ibrahim being his somewhat tolerable enemy within the Gang, Karim didn’t want to spend his Thursday with him. He had other plans.

Ibrahim had to leave work early if he were to make it to his dinner meeting with Karim on time. When Nevine his fiancée called to check on him as she always did during the day, Ibrahim didn’t mention anything, except that he was having dinner with an acquaintance. Nevine said that she too was meeting some friends in Zamalek at Dido’s restaurant, and that they could meet up after they both finish their gathering. Ibrahim, finally arriving at Zamalek, parked his park (with enough luck and cursing too) and walked over to “Crave”.

Sarah and Samir, realizing that they weren’t going to make it, before Ibrahim and Karim arrived at the restaurant, left the cab they were in, in the middle of the traffic in 26th of July St. and walked to “Crave”. They were walking in silence, both feeling anticipation and anxiety at seeing an old friend who practically ruined their lives. Samir was afraid he wouldn’t be able to control himself and somehow confront Karim…with his fists rather than his words. Sarah was worrying that Karim might spot them and then they’ll have to face him. Wanting to distract herself, she observed her friend walking beside her. Sarah noticed that he didn’t change at all except for the bit of grey that covered his sideburns. He still had wavy brown locks and the same brilliant green eyes with spectacles covering them. He was still athletic. His beard was covered with strands of white that somehow made him look even wiser than he sometimes seemed. He still wore the watch the Gang got him before he went away to pursue his graduate education. Everything about Samir was exactly the same except that his right hand was accessorized with a leather bracelet. It was made out of brown and red threads intertwining with each other. It didn’t match the professor look.

“Nice bracelet. Where did you get it?” Sarah asked, intrigued by its nature and took it as a means to break the ice. Samir looked at his bracelet then said “I bought it when I was in Canada” and didn’t carry on the subject.


There is no such thing as coincidences. Everything around us is planned out. Everything around us happens for a reason. Destiny is cunning that way, clever and manipulative. That is why it wasn’t a coincidence that Karim Imnan, Salma Al-Maleb, Ibrahim Romad, Nevine Ladaghi, Samir Tabarem and Sarah Tomoom bumped into each other on the steps leading up to the restaurant, the very same one. The former Gang- short of one- stood still staring at each other with an eerie silence that even the loudest honks and sirens of Cairo’s streets wouldn’t be able to break. The Gang members stood still, speechless and shocked. Old emotions resurfaced. Memories rushed back. Destiny was definitely playing its part well.


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