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“Fady Ibrosen called him that morning with an apparent friendly vibe to his voice”

Karim didn’t do much work that day. He was pacing his office for the millionth time.

“He has this look again” said his assistant to her colleague as they chitchatted around the water cooler.

She was right. Karim was not a fan of surprises and today, he talked to an unpleasant one. Fady Ibrosen called him that morning with an apparent friendly vibe to his voice. He wanted to catch up with his buddy and see how he was doing. Karim, lost for words, replied with his joking air and tried to ease up the awkwardness of the call, more for his sake than Fady’s. The latter, at the end of the call, asked whether it would be possible for the two of them to meet for coffee this afternoon. Karim told him he’d try and move things around in his schedule and get back to him as soon as he could. The call barely held a ten minute mark and ended as abruptly as it had started. Several questions swam in his head none of which presented him with any logical answer. Why did he call? It’s been over 5 years now since they last spoke and suddenly, Fady wants to catch up? Did Fady somehow find out that he & Salma got married? Was he out to get him? Why call him today? His mind was racing so fast Karim couldn’t breathe. Relaxing and taking in gulps of air while massaging his forehead, the lawyer sat back down at his desk and tried to rationalize the phone call.

Despite the awkwardness that hung between them, Fady sounded friendly and seemed to only want to catch up with his friend. If he had known about his marriage to Salma, Karim would have heard a different side to Fady. But the guy was genuinely clueless to the extent that he asked to meet with him. However, Fady could be in the light about Salma being married to Karim and all he wanted to do was confront him and well, who knows what could happen. Frustrated yet again at the labyrinth of questions and scenarios that erected before him, Karim had to choose the only way that could somehow clear out his doubts. It was a long shot and a shot he didn’t want to take but he had to do it. As his cell’s screen read “Dialing Ibrahim Romad’s number”, Karim figured that maybe this call would have the answers he needed.


chapter VII
“…she didn’t want any part in this new chapter of drama but she had to help him”

Sarah and Samir called on the nearest taxi after they hung up with Ibrahim. The events of the day were progressing really fast. Despite their failure at talking to Salma and getting closer at knowing where Fady was, a new angle showed up however not in the unfriendliest or likeliest of forms. Ibrahim just told them that Karim Imnan called with a request of meeting with him over dinner tonight.

“What did you tell him?” asked Samir after a pause to absorb the moment.

“That I’ll reply as soon as I clear out my schedule. Did you think I was going to approve that quick?” answered Ibrahim, “I had to give you guys the news”

“What is going on?” said Sarah, a few feet away from Samir. The latter looked at his friend and told her what has just went on, ignoring her shocked face and the barrage of questions she kept asking.

“Sarah, be quiet for a while! Listen, Ibrahim here’s the plan. You call Karim back and tell him you’ll have dinner with him. After you settle on a place; text it to me. We’ll be there, at a distance, just to see how it goes.”

“Okay but I’m not so sure you guys being there is the best thing. What if he sees you?”

“Just worry about you meeting him tonight and we’ll worry about being spotted”

A few minutes later, Samir got the text of the location Ibrahim and Karim were to meet at. In the cab, Samir told a nervous Sarah about the plan that would occur this evening. The idea of her getting to see Karim again was overwhelming and she tried to hide it as best she could from her friend. While hearing the plan, she didn’t agree or disagree with Samir. Actually, she didn’t want any part in this new chapter of drama but she had to help him. He was her best friend and they went through a lot together. But Samir’s plans threatened to bring an end to the time of peace she’d been having away from everything else.

“Are you still with me?” asked Samir.

“Hmm? Yeah, yeah…so we’ll be meeting at Crave Zamalek then?” said Sarah as she put on her sunglasses to hide her anxious look.

“Yes, that’s the plan.”

“Okay, let me stop by the office first. I have some stuff to do and then we could head there” said Sarah.

The taxi made its way through the afternoon Cairo traffic jam for which Sarah was thankful for, for the first time in her life. That meant delaying her seeing Karim…


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