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"Sometimes saving everybody isn't worth the risk"
“Sometimes saving everybody isn’t worth the risk”

Samir checked Fady’s Facebook profile for the millionth time that day, in between his studies (a bit of an exaggeration maybe). Samir’s studies weren’t that important in the most recent development in the history of his existence. There was trouble in paradise from what Sarah had told him last they spoke. Samir kept insisting on coming back to help fix it if he could since Fady wasn’t picking up his phone nor was he even keen on trying to call Samir back after a barrage of voice-mails.

Its okay, Samir…really. That was what Sarah told him. It was 3:00 am in Montreal and Samir had classes the next day. Throwing a last glance at Fady and Salma’s picture on the screen, Samir sent a text to Sarah.

“Please. Need updates. Waiting for your reply.”

The next day to add to his frustration at Fady’s apparent disappearance from the face of the planet, Sarah too wasn’t replying to his texts which got him really on edge.

They’re obviously better off

And on top of that, Samir’s alter-self decided to show up today, with his tall stature and pale face covered by a mass of white and black tangled hair. His blue eyes, evil and mocking, regarded Samir with a torturous hunger for making him miserable.

“Now is not the time!” whispered Samir as he tried to focus on an economic development theory the professor was explaining.

There will never be a good time for me to show up in, Semsem. Deep down you know that Fady is obviously ignoring you and doesn’t want anything to do with you, now it’s Sarah’s turn. Next, it’ll be Ibrahim, Nevine, Salma, Karim then your family-…

“SHUT UP!” shouted Samir as he stood up in the middle of the class. An uncomfortable silence spread across the auditorium where the class was held. Everyone was staring at Samir like he was a ticking bomb about to explode.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Tabarem. Is there something wrong with what I said you wish to share with the class?” asked the professor, his eyes half-risen from the notes he was dictating. Samir looked around the class, excused himself and left the room.  He felt his heart race fast, his breathing was unsteady and his vision unfocused. Days and days of disturbed sleeping and little food were getting the best of him. He backed up against one of the lockers in the hallway and let himself fall to the floor. Feeling he was about to faint, Samir took out his phone and texted the one person he trusted in Montreal then, total darkness surrounded his world.


On top of that, Samir's alter-self decided to show up today...
On top of that, Samir’s alter-self decided to show up today…

After what felt like a long sleep and a long journey of blurred colors, visions of faces familiar and strange, Samir opened his eyes to find himself lying on a bed in the nurse’s office. Two faces looked down on him with anxiety at first that slowly turned into relief.

“You’re awake…” said the closest of the faces.

After a while of trying to draw in the scene, Samir recognized Egyptian gal pals, Mariam Fodgi and Susan Gouein.

“What…what happened?” asked Samir, his throat dry and hard.

“You fainted, dear.” answered the smiling nurse, handing Samir a cup of water that he gulped down fast.

“Can we take him home?” asked Mariam.

“Yes, you can under one condition that he rests a lot.” replied the nurse as she gave Samir a pat on the shoulder and another comforting smile. Mariam smiled back and helped Samir up with Susan thanking the nurse and following her two friends out of the office.

“What was THAT all about?” asked Susan, eyeing Samir anxiously through her hipster dark glasses. Samir didn’t reply and instead looked at his feet.

“Was it him again? Your alter-self you told us about?” asked Mariam calmly.

Mariam and Susan were both psychology students. They were doing their graduate studies in that field, just like Samir was doing his in Economics. Mariam was more accomplished though than Susan who was more into literature, poetry and artistic venues. Like any typical Egyptian family, you have to have at least one doctor in the family and Susan was one of those unlucky kids pressured into a field that they didn’t want to venture in. Mariam on the other hand, loved psychology especially since it’s personal for her. Her father had chronic depression that ended with him taking his own life when she was just 10 years old. Ever since she became aware of the story, Mariam decided to dedicate her life in treating the mental instabilities that could occur to a person, whatever they may be.

“Yes” answered Samir, weakly. Mariam and Susan looked at each other nervously.

“What happened this time that triggered him to come back so strong like this?” asked Susan.

Samir looked up at his two friends for a while then broke down in tears, falling to his knees in the university’s hallway. Mariam and Susan knelt down next to him and tried to comfort him as much as they could. It was the first time in almost 6 months that Samir let everything go; the barriers that contained his emotions broke loose and he let it all out.


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