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“Decisions in a Halo” is a story about life, friendship, love and youth. It follows the tale of a group of friends (the Gang) going through the motions. Each member of the Gang has his/her own turmoil and struggles to keep on the path he/she wants out of life. “Decisions in a Halo” portrays the struggle people face every day, depicts the personal drama that one might go through and how the word “friend” might have lost its gold meaning of the past.

 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Decisions in a Halo”




She kept rummaging through her wardrobe, her drawers; every inch in her room was ransacked. She had to find them. Through her teary eyes and her chocked up breath, she could barely lift herself up. Where could she have hid them!? Where!? She almost screamed but no one would hear her. She was alone in the house. Her parents were out for the evening, celebrating their 24th anniversary at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza in Garden City with some friends. Pulling her red hair back from her face after a failed attempt of finding what she was looking for under the bed, Nevine threw her shoes- the closest objects near her- at the dresser’s mirror. She couldn’t look at herself. Silently but strongly, she wept as she fell to her knees.


 “You know this is doomed to fail right? This whole “I don’t care” stance you have pulled up ever since you came here?”

“Is it too hard for you to leave me the hell alone!? And just shut up while you’re at it?”

Samir hid his head under his pillow as he tried to drown away the noise his alter self was making.

“You still can’t get it through your thick skull of yours, can you?” His voice was loud and clear, not even a tower of bricks can drown out the sound.

“What do you want from me!? WHAT!? Torture me!? Haven’t you done enough of that for the last few years of my existence!? I LEFT MY HOME BECAUSE OF YOU JACKASS!!” screamed Samir as he threw the pillow at his alter self, tall and dead white. His dark and white hair covered half his face with eyes as blue as the sea and as pale as the moon. He had a grin on his face, a grin that usually appeared whenever his original self was being tortured. He was wearing the same as Samir was; a dark blue cardigan, jeans, a shirt and converse shoes. That irritated Samir too because he was nothing like his alter self. Nothing.

“Yeah… and now, I want you to go back home! Isn’t that what you also want, Semsem? Isn’t that what you’ve been crying about for the last four nights or so?” teased the other Samir. Semsem stared at the cold blue eyes of his counterpart. He wanted to rip his throat out but unfortunately, he was dead right.


 He waited for her in the spot where he first proposed and where they usually went out on their dates. He was younger at that time, like one year younger. Age wasn’t a factor back then but now, everything seems to have become one. The Shooting Club in Dokki was practically empty of people. Was it because of the weather?  It was a bit chilly but he couldn’t care less.  Fady sat at the table in the garden near the Mekka Street gate. It was across a small pond with an artificial waterfall cascading into it. Maybe that’s what was rendering the air chilly.  The stars were nowhere to be seen from all the clouds that gathered and the moon was as dim as the closest lamppost nearby. It was an unusual Egyptian winter.  A few minutes passed by and his fiancée finally arrived, her eyes shining at his sight.

“Thanks for calling me” Salma said, smiling. “It’s good to see you”

She could feel his coldness and uncomfortable behavior against her skin even though she had every piece of clothing she could find on her.

“We’re not here to have a chit chat, Salma” said Fady as he played with his ring, an action caught by Salma’s now sad eyes. Taking a deep breath, she tried forming a sentence but her mind was frozen. She couldn’t say anything. Realizing her inability to speak at the moment, Fady sat down back and stared at the rapidly falling water across the track from him.

“We need to talk.”


 He was staring at the ceiling. He kept staring and staring and staring. The same spot stared back at him, motionless and lifeless.  How could she do this to him? He thought. I love her, damn it! I LOVE HER!! He sighed as he – with great difficulty and heavy breathing- contained his anger. The sight of her with her ex, taking a walk by the club and seemingly enjoying a conversation still burned his retinas. Why was he feeling so hurt? They were just taking a walk and talking. No, no it’s not innocent. Nothing that comes from her ex is innocent. Was it jealousy? Was what he was feeling the burning sensation of love? That’s it! He decided to freeze his heart, harden it for good. This hurt; it actually hurts. They’re supposed to be separated not friends!

Earlier in the evening, she called him to check on him as she always did. He couldn’t answer but wanted to so badly. Ibrahim fought his heart very hard. He just wanted to forget everything that happened that night, especially since Nevine didn’t see him at the club when she was there with her ex. Nevine kept on calling for several minutes leaving nearly 20 missed calls until she finally stopped. Somewhere beneath his heart, his psyche and mind, a struggle ensued. He knew Nevine loved him as much as he did, even more. She couldn’t have just betrayed him like that and decided to get back together with that…person. But why was she laughing? Why did she seem like she was having a good time with him? Questions and feelings arose within Ibrahim; something he greatly detested.

Ibrahim is all for humanity, sensation and feeling but it’s times like these, Ibrahim wished he would just turn off the switch and escape into a reality where emotions didn’t exist and hearts banished to a realm of oblivion.  As Ibrahim continued his chain of thoughts, his cell phone resumed its ringing.


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