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People are not always who they say they are…

Rewind 5 years…

Karim Imnan knew exactly what he was doing. A smirk played on his face; Samir, one obstacle that’s about to be removed completely. He got out his phone, dialed his “friend’s” cell phone number in Montreal, Canada and waited. Maybe it was his self-righteousness, or his spirit of helping others ALL THE TIME that annoyed Karim. Come to think of it, Samir’s constant hovering around the Gang protecting them at every turn and showing selfless actions to ensure their well-being, is what’s getting on Karim’s nerves.

“Karim! Hey! How are you?” answered Samir, gasping for air as if he came back from a marathon.

“Hey buddy! How’s life in Montreal?” asked Karim as he walked in the slowly emptying streets of Cairo.

“I’m struggling here. “A hint of plea and help showed in Samir’s voice.

“Samir, calm down!” Karim faked a concerned tone and pulled out a cigarette from his leather jacket’s pocket. When he was still in Cairo, Samir had told his confidant all about his alter-self becoming a more powerful presence at certain times.

“…I don’t know Karim. I’m just super stressed and worried and homesick. I’m this close to taking the first flight back home.”

“Come on man! This is your future! You’re worried about Fady and the others, aren’t you?” Samir didn’t reply which Karim took as a sign of approval.

“Don’t worry, bro…everything is under control.”

“I’ll make sure everything goes according to plan” said Karim reassuringly.

“You’re a good friend, Karim. We’re lucky to have you” said Samir.


“Don’t lie to me again, Fady! I can’t take it!” Salma was breaking apart…

“What is it, Fady? You’re scaring the hell out of me!” said Salma, as she sat opposite her fiancé in the terrace area at the Shooting Club, “Come on, honey! What is it?”

“I don’t think this is going to work out between us”  The one phrase that Salma was afraid to hear were blurted out of her fiancé’s mouth, they cut through her skin, her flesh and pierced her heart. She felt an ache beyond any she ever felt before. She held back her tears with the greatest effort she had to muster.

“What? Where is this coming from? Was it something I’ve done? Tell me…” Salma’s voice was weirdly calm but she knew she was about to crack anytime soon.

“No, no…You…you’re…you’re just perfect! You’re beautiful, you’re intelligent, you’re just…amazing but it just can’t work out…” Fady was fighting back his tears as well which made Salma start to weep.

“Don’t you love me anymore? I know it hasn’t been easy on all of us these past few months but I promise you mom and dad will help in everything too and-”

“Don’t…Don’t bring them up into this…please!” Fady interrupted Salma as he stood up and walked away.

“Fady Ibrosen, you come back here this instant!” screamed Salma as she stood up as well, fury and sadness mixed in her gaze upon her soon-to-be ex-fiancé.

The broken man slowly turned to face her, his eyes wet with tears.

“It’s my parents, isn’t it? The reason behind this charming date? The reason why you want to break it off?”

Fady didn’t answer. Salma bit her lower lip, put her hands on her hip and turned away. The obstacle that Fady promised will never become an issue in their relationship was just used as a weapon to kill off an already dying relationship. Salma’s parents weren’t as wealthy as Fady’s. They were a middle class small family with Mr. Al-Maleb working as a humble human resource manager and her mother a school teacher. Fady’s family on the other hand, was more of a financial family with Fady’s father being a financial tycoon always travelling overseas and his mother a fashion designer. When they got engaged, Fady promised the difference in the social and financial statuses would never be a problem because simply, he loved her for her. His family loved her too. However despite a few storms between both families at the start, differences were somehow “settled” and things were back on track. Fady’s mother, to show her peace offering and excitement, offered to make the wedding dress. Fady’s father was too busy to care to be honest but he gave his blessings nonetheless. What changed so suddenly? What happened?

“Look Salma I’m so-”

“You broke your promise to me!! You broke your promise to support me, to help me and love me despite everything…”

“But I do-”

“DON’T! Don’t lie to me again, Fady! I can’t take it!” Salma was breaking apart but she had to hold it in just a while longer.

“I’m sorry, Salma. I’m really sorry but-”

“But what!? Huh!? But what? What are you going to use to justify this shitty mess we’re in? What will you say that will justify you breaking my heart like this? Seriously, Fady? My parents!?” Salma started to cry, “You know they had their worries that this would come up. That we won’t work out because of our social differences but once they got to meet you and know you, they knew you were the one. But it doesn’t matter now does it?” Salma made her way back to the car.

“Salma, I-”

“Don’t touch me!” Salma screamed as she pushed away Fady’s hands. She then got into her car and drove away as fast as she could.


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