Decisions in a Halo: A Roundup

Written by Alaa (aka Lols)

When you frame yourself in a halo of light, know that you're also framing yourself in a halo of lies...
When you frame yourself in a halo of light, know that you’re also framing yourself in a halo of lies…


Hello everyone and welcome to this special featurette of “Decisions in a Halo: A Roundup”. Before we dwell deep into this, a little overall view of what the story is all about. “Decisions in a Halo” is a story about life, friendship, love and youth. It follows the tale of a group of friends (the Gang) going through the motions. The story portrays the struggle people face every day, depicts the personal drama that one might go through and how the word “friend” might have lost its gold meaning of the past.

In Chapter I, we begin the story with five young people; Fady, Salma, Samir, Nevine and Ibrahim. Nevine and Ibrahim are having a steep dive in their relationship while Fady and Salma might be facing a devastating storm themselves. Samir is battling a different kind of turbulence as his inner demon and fear surface.

Chapter II has us transported into the future. A professor’s tale, a writer’s thoughts, a young couple’s optimistic look for the future and a bleak existence for a young man, the seemingly stable lives of the former Gang members see a turn of events as estranged Fady Ibrosen contacts his long-time friends with an unclear and ominous message to deliver.

A theory that could solve the message and explain the sudden turn of events; Professor Samir Tabarem accompanies his best friend Ibrahim Romad in Chapter III of the story to find their apparent missing friend Fady.

Chapter IV explores the relationship between a core trio of the Gang. Enter Sarah Al-Tomoom.

Samir and Ibrahim explain the new situation that arose to Sarah; Fady’s apparent “goodbye cruel world” hides an objective that could very well bring the Gang back together or further push them away. Chapter V also sees the appearance of a seventh member of the Gang, Karim Imnan and he’s got a lot to show for.

The situation escalates in Chapter VI as Sarah, having agreed to help her friends discover what Fady is up to, visits her estranged best friend Salma with Samir in the hopes of clearing the air.

Chapter VII gives us a look inside Karim Imnan’s mind set. When Fady decides to give a call to his old pal, Karim is taken by surprise and asks himself a lot of questions that only one person could know the answers to. He decides to call Ibrahim. However, Ibrahim is calling up the cavalry to his side.

The last chapter of season I has us thinking of how perfect destiny is and how everything takes place at the right spot and the right moment.

Tune in for Season II of the story which will have to unfortunately wait as I am to present a very boring and technical economics paper. Ugh!

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