Written by Mariem ELTagoury

Hi there! I’m Tago and I’ll be bringing you this monthly fashion trend alert with all the new trends in the fashion world, offering you hints to make the trend work for you, and ideas for how to rock it.


Guess, Ruffian, Rebecca Minkoff
Guess, Ruffian, Rebecca Minkoff

It’s the start of a new season and the comeback of old styles is not at rest. From the 70s bell pants to the 80s neon with a dash of flapper style from the 20s, the runway has not stopped bringing us comebacks for a while now – and we’re not complaining! Now it’s time for a 90s come back: the Overalls! And no, it’s not your early 90s teen version of them; it’s a more refined interpretation of the trend. Think florals, leather, chambray, sheer and even silk! Of course other dedicated jeans brands like Guess and Diesel have created a more traditional version of the trend but with a slimmer, more feminine cut.

Hints To Make It Work

  • Dress it up! To avoid the slouchy 90s image -that was striving to be an imitation of an American local farmer, try adding dressy items like heels and feminine blouses to upgrade the look.
  • Try new patterns & fabrics. The comeback of this trend is all about making it new and unique. If you’re a bit shy, try thinking of your overalls as a patterned dress and down play the rest of your outfit. You could even try patterns in neutral colors like black and white, another spring trend. Fabrics such as leather could make a good investment piece, which could work for summer and winter. Just don’t get too carried away with the patterns as it can sometimes turn into a fashion crime!
  • Find the perfect fit. Let’s face it, not all cuts fit every body shape; overalls are no different. So try out different cuts, fabrics and patterns till you find one that suits you. If you’re curvy, you could easily rock wider fits and solid colors nicely. If you’re on the skinny side, try patterns and overalls with a defined waistline. If you’re a pear shaped person, try to avoid overalls that follow the Harem pants style, and try a wide leg version of the trend. In the end, it’s what fits you best that matters.
  • Mix & Match! Add a cardigan, try it with a blazer, wear it with a tee or a fancy blouse, have fun with mixing it up and creating different looks with your overalls. After all fashion is all about fun!

Now Rock It

Dress It Up


Overalls, blouse, wedges, watch, cardigan
Overalls, blouse, wedges, watch, cardigan

Transform the traditional overall to a fashionable statement outfit! Add a feminine printed blouse, neutral wedge heels, and feminine accessories like this watch. If it’s chilly, add an unbuttoned cardigan.

Down Play It


Overalls, blouse, glasses, sneakers
Overalls, blouse, glasses, sneakers

A lace version like this pair of overalls from Bershka is a trendy, modern take on the overall trend, but you’re probably wondering how to merge a piece like this to your college wardrobe. I added a silk blouse to add a nerdy chic vibe to the outfit and down played it with a pair of High Top Converse sneakers and a pair of retro glasses. Sometimes, it’s the small touches that make an outfit possible.

So will you rock this trend?

…. Or will you let it pass? What other spring trends will you be rocking this season? I’m interested to hear your opinions; so leave your comments & let’s chat!