Fab Finds: 3/9/2013

Written by – Ola Oreiba

Hi everyone! I’m back with the first edition of Fab Finds this September and with Cairo’s curfew extended even more, it only means one thing; MORE SHOPPING!

Nas Trends:

With the back-to-school/college season upon us, you might want to stock up on some nice cotton tees with cool and unique designs that speak your mind.  Nas Trends have been offering that for a while with t-shirts bearing cools slogans like “Oppa Egyptian Style” or “اليأس و الحياة don’t mix” and a lot more for both guys and girls, and with their very reasonable prices (L.E 100 for a t-shirt) Could you ask for more?! Check their facebook page or pay their City Stars booth a visit (City Stars, 5th floor in front of Ruby Tuesday).


Shop for a cause at Diwan Bookstore:

Buying your piles of classic literature can be a good cause when you buy a bag from Diwan Bookstore for L.E 3 that they will donate to 3 NGOS; Tawasol, Alashanek Ya Balady and Educate-Me.


Girls, Spice up your makeup for less with Flormar Cosmetics:

Your alternative to Make-Up Forever’s pricey Aqua Liners is Flormar’s Ultra Eyeliners; high quality vibrant colours for L.E 40 only. (Booth available at Citystars 2nd floor at the left from Bershka)



Save your Android phone/tablet battery with DU Battery saver app:

This FREE battery saving app will make your battery last longer with its battery power management modes that will keep your android device from dying at the wrong moments. One app that CairoContra recommends (since most of us are Android users and upon further investigation) is the DU Battery Saver app. It optimizes the usage and life of your battery to your convenience (Available for free on Google Play).


Finally, silence your late curfew night cravings with Salé Sucré Pâtisserie’s Macaroons:

7 delicious flavors available in 2 quantities (Small box 8 pieces for L.E 35 and Big box 32 pieces for L.E 125) and ready to answer to your cravings and indulgences.


What do you think?

I’d love to know what you think of these recommendations once you try them, please tell me your opinion whether through comments or email me on [email protected]


About Ola Oreiba

I’m a girl who's typically doing nothing except wondering and wandering around Cairo. I spend most of my time listening to music while I’m mostly stuck in the Cairo traffic. I love fashion and food A LOT, I also have a thing for reading books by not-so-popular authors because I believe there’s an intriguing story behind each and every creature in this world of ours.

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