Written by Ola Oreiba 

Merry Christmas Everyone! We hope you’ve enjoyed what you found stuffed in your stockings this morning, but in case there is someone who’s THAT late for getting Christmas presents, we’re here to guide you and save your time.

New Finds are coming your way this Christmas!
New Finds are coming your way this Christmas!


iShop; their Christmas sale is great and we love it. 50% sale on iPad cases from every brand there is, also 25% off iPhone cases, HUGE sales on speakers, headphones and more. For more info, check their facebook page

ITHolix; also a great place to shop electronics online, their Christmas sale is immense and THEY DELIVER!

Edfa3ly; making it easy to pick special gifts for both the special men and women in your lives –a watch for him or a GUESS bag for her- with reduction in prices and delivery on time; order whatever you like from wherever you wish online without having to share your financial info, they do it for you. Check out their Christmas offers here.

Boho Gallery; the hidden gem in Sheraton, Heliopolis; home for a lot of local designers such as Nada Akram,  Zaam and more. So if you want to add that unique blazer with Um Kolthoum’s image on the back to your New Year’s Eve party outfit, Boho Gallery is your go-to store. Check their facebook page for more.


What do you think of our Christmas shopping selection?

Did your Christmas shopping yet? What caught your eyes from our selection and what did you pick out? Please leave your comments below and tell us what you think.