Written by Farida Gamal


The 32nd Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival has just recently come to an end, after celebrating a series of wonderful movies, different genres, from all over the world. If you’ve been stressed out and all caught up with going back to college or school or merely didn’t get any informative news about it anywhere, here’s the gist of all of it!

Egyptian Actress Yousra

The festival was arranged by the Egyptian Association of Film Writers and Critics (EAFWC) in cooperation with the Alexandria governorate in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The festival aimed at disseminating the value and worth of the film culture in this specific area of the globe, as well as reinforcing the relationships between filmmakers globally and within the Mediterranean. This year’s festival was held between the 21st and the 26th of September, under the name of the famous, and loving, Egyptian film-star Yousra, and hosted by the young actress/singer Boushra.

Egyptian Actress/Singer Boushra

The festival honored a good deal of Egyptian and Arab artists such as Youssef Shabaan and Ghassan Masoud, directors Mohamed Rady and Rachid Ferchioud, and Egyptian director of photography (DOP) Samir Farag as well as producer Mohsen Alam El-Din, and finally, honoring Alexandria’s Library for the 120 years that have passed since the first premiere of a movie in Alexandria.

So what are these awards?

The awards are divided into two categories, Long Film Competition (Above 60 minutes) and Short Film Competition (1-30 Minutes), both for narrative and documentaries from Mediterranean Countries from 2015/2016 productions only.

Here’s a list of a few of the winners of the festival along with their nationalities, starting with…

The Long-Films:

Spanish Film “Food and Shelter”

Best film: Food and Shelter (Spain)

Youssef Shaheen’s Best Director Award: Panos Karkanevatos for film ‘River Banks’ (Greece)

Naguib Mahfouz’s Best Screenplay Award: Nasser Abdelrahman for film ‘Bakhos’ (Egypt)

Omar Al Sherif’s Best Actor Award: Amir Al Yamany for film ‘Very big shot’

Faten Hamama’s Best Actress Award: Mariono Codano

Director Kamal Al Malakh’s Award: John Ekramfor film ‘Rouge’ (Egypt)

Special Jury Award: Chromium (Albania)

Arabic Film Nour Al Sherif’s Award:

Moroccan Film "My Name is Adel"
Moroccan Film “My Name is Adel”

Best Film: My name is Adel (Morroco)

Ahmed Hadary’s Best 1st film: Director Waleed Al Tahryfor film ‘Paku’ (Iraq)

Best Artistic Achievement: Algerian Star (Algeria)

Best Actor: Faisal Al Amery for film ‘Beloved of Earth’ (Kuwait)

Best Actress: Rana Shamis for film ‘Decaying and Vanishing’ (Syria)

Best Screenplay: Fadel Al Gzery for film ‘Eclipse’(Tunisia)

Best Director: Bassel Al Khateeb for film ‘Syrians’ (Syria)

Special Jury Award: Saeed Salman for film ‘Going to Heaven’ (UAE)


The Short-Films:

Lebanese Film "The Blind of the Cathedral"
Lebanese Film “The Blind of the Cathedral”

Best Narrative Film: Blind of Cathedral (Lebanon)

Best Documentary Film: My Uncle Ramon (Spain)

Special Jury Award for narrative film: Semele (Cyprus)

Special Jury Award for documentary film: Alloush (Palestine)

Apparently, the award winning films were of many different countries across variable continents. However, it is worth mentioning that oceans of agony run through many of us as only two Egyptian films were selected to be worthy enough of an award. Despite the fact that we have all the required resources to add several unforgettable pieces of art to the history of film, it’s quite depressing that we are incapable of taking a much more powerful and competitive role in the list of awards. Nevertheless, it is always a privilege to many of us, fresh learners, to attend such festivals to investigate the details and take pointers about success secrets in many variable aspects.


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