By Merna Abdelsalam and Lama El-Najdi

Earlier this year, a dedicated, Egyptian and Coldplay fan, Mohamed Hassan Allam, created an event that hopes to bring Coldplay to Egypt, which, surprisingly, received unbelievable interaction and managed to gain so much momentum. The campaign is called the Starfish Campaign and its main goal is getting Coldplay to perform in Egypt. If you’ve been living under a rock, and don’t know Coldplay (and we’re definitely judging you by this point!), they’re a British band that has released various international hits such as Hymn for the Weekend, Paradise, The Scientist, Fix You, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, and many more.

Unfortunately, here in Egypt, we don’t get a large variety of international platinum-selling artists. While bringing in a band to Egypt through a Facebook event seems a little farfetched, the event was able to blow up and bring in over 60 thousand patrons, and counting. People all over Egypt are excited and eager to have Coldplay come and play under our ancient skies. Fans are posting constantly and consistently, waiting to hear back from the event’s host telling them that their favorite band is coming to give us the concert of a lifetime.

We tend to underestimate the power of the Internet, and how much social media is able to influence and bring in a whole lot of people together. Bringing Coldplay to Egypt might not be as impossible as it might sound, if we continue on sharing the event, and using the hashtag #ColdplayinEgypt, the band’s rep might contact The Starfish Campaign and get something in the works for a concert in Egypt.

We were able to conduct an exclusive interview with the event’s host and this is what he told us!

So how long have you been a fan of Coldplay?
I’ve been a fan of Coldplay’s since my first years of college, when I was still a freshman. I would listen to the song “Speed of Sound” constantly.

Why do you love Coldplay so much? What do they stand for you?
I am so fond of Coldplay because they don’t just express in music, but in all sorts of art, visuals, and lyrics. Their songs and albums are an amazing mix of joy and hope. For me, they stand for freedom.

When did you start the campaign? How did the idea come to mind?
The campaign started in Feb of 2016, and the idea popped in my head after watching the amazing performance of Coldplay during the Super bowl with Beyoncé.

Why do you think this campaign can work?
I think it can work because it has the biggest fan base so far, as well as a huge momentum and as per the event’s stats, the numbers keep on rising. It is grabbing the attention of lots and lots of people and it can definitely cause a huge ripple effect and get things going with all the growing support it has.



Has any member of the band contacted you? Or has any other entity reached out to the campaign to organize something more official?
Various entities have reached out to help with organizing, shooting and/or providing any aspect of support. So far, the band hasn’t reached out to us yet.

Were you able to attend any of their concerts abroad? How did you find it?
I did attend the one in Barcelona. I found it incredibly amazing, with all the effects and fireworks. It was a total dream, come true for me. I also noticed a huge presence of Egyptians there.

If ever the band decided to come to Egypt and told you that you’d be the organizer, how will you react? And how would you envision the concert to be?
Well, I’d try as much as I can to deal with it very responsibly, and I envision it to be one of the biggest events, not just in Egypt, but in the Middle East as well. I imagine it being held at the pyramids which will add to its epic-ness, with all the right amount of effects to emphasize just how grand the event is.

What makes you go on everyday thinking this might work, that this will work? In other words, what gives you the drive?
What gives me the drive is the continuous support from people who are enthusiastic, supportive and hopeful. That is why I hope this can be achieved.



What resources does the campaign have to make it successful?
There are no direct resources; so far it’s just me coordinating with various people to achieve the campaign goals.

What are the next steps in the campaign?
We are currently in the process of planning something that we believe will help a lot in promoting for the campaign and bringing Coldplay to Egypt.

Can you give us a hint about it? Is there something the fans can do to help you?
We have a number of steps actually. We are preparing for something that’s simple but effective, and will involve contributions from many people. We will start working on it from next week, and hopefully it will go viral!

Are you cooperating with other people who are interested in bringing Coldplay to Egypt?
Yes, we made great friends with people who share the same common dream, like the page “Coldplay Egypt“. We’re collaborating on different aspects to help achieve that dream. For example, we managed to set up a gathering for artists who do Coldplay covers, and it was a sort of a meet and greet gathering.

How long do you think it will be before an official arrangement for a concert here in Egypt can be reached? And what does it depend on?
I believe it’s going to take sometime in the range of months, but I am sure with the effect of the campaign, this time is only going to get shorter.

What if a Coldplay concert never happen? How will you deal with all those thousands of fans having their hopes run down?
Well, I’ll quote Coldplay’s fix you; “If you never try you never know”

Finally, is there anything you would like to say?
Well, I would like to thank people for their continuous support and enthusiasm, and I would like to say that one concert can make a huge difference for our country since it will serve as a huge marketing campaign for tourism in Egypt. We really hope this happens.

If you haven’t checked out “the Starfish Campaign to bring Coldplay to Egypt” event and page yet, make sure you do and provide your support for the event and the page