By Malak Nour 

Jewelry snapshot

On your website, it says: “you mention a topic/thing you want to be made into a jewelry piece, and your wishes come true.” How do you translate what your clients share with you into an actual product? And what do they share with you to begin with?

That can be very…open, let’s say. Because some people, they somehow know what they want, like: “ok, I want a gift for my husband that’s inspired by punk rock”, for example. And it’s not normally so specific, but I have a theme to work with, so I can start to research into the theme. What things within that theme have an aesthetic value that I can work with, and make a piece that directly translates to that, and, also, appeals to be worn as a wearable piece of jewelry? And then again, I have the other kind of request: “I want to have…a pair of earrings”, and then we have to work with, like: “ok, what are you into? What do you like? What are your favorite colors? What’s your favorite lifestyle?” And then, we have to really brainstorm big, and try to find things that can really compliment this person and look good on them because it’s all about aesthetics in the end, as it is a wearable piece.

So, you finished a piece for a client, and you’re giving it to them: do you get to see their reaction first? Or do you ship it, or send it via courier?

I think, when it’s a custom piece, it’s usually someone that I’m meeting in person because I must meet them in the beginning to get to know them, and to explore what we’re talking about. So, I usually get to see their reactions which is always very interesting for me, honestly. Because I’m trying to interpret something, and it’s always this feeling of: “was this exactly what they had in mind?”

Some pastels!

 Any particularly memorable reactions?

I did make a piece that was inspired by the Cantonese opera, and the girl I made it for, she was really happy/shocked that the piece actually looked like that. It was like: “how did you even make it to look so much like it?”

Are you thinking of including more affordable pieces in your future collections? Ones that cater to different segments of the market?

That is an interesting question! So, basically, these days I was working on a collection, but there was a little hiccup because while working on the collection, I’ve had some wrist problem, and it won’t be clearing out any time soon, so I might be moving into a new direction that is more about digital designing of jewelry. It will have a different spin on Analogie, and I’m trying to figure that out at the moment. So, it might be able to cater to different price ranges, but I’m not completely sure of how this is going. But, I’m going there!

Beside jewelry-making, what are other things that you love?

Nature, cultures, and travel.

Launch at MICA Coffee Bar, Netherlands

Can you tell me more about what your travels and what travelling means to you?

I have been travelling throughout my life since very early childhood. The maximum amount of time I stayed in one country at a time was 6 years. I’m 26 now. Through travel, I have learned to live outside of my comfort zone (literally). When I go somewhere new there’s always so much for me to learn about others on this planet and more about myself. Travel is a huge part of who I am and has shaped me to never take anything for granted and to stay curious, always.

How do you think travelling influenced your character?

It has helped me to be expressive, which is quite an important trait for designers and yet at the same time very observant and perceptive to my surroundings.

What was your favorite city? Why?

I don’t have a favorite per se, every city’s charm stands out against other cities’ varying charms. The more distinctive the better!

Who inspires you? Why?

Comics! I love seeing how comics artists interpret life and give it a light-hearted spin to spark our imagination and thoughts about our own life.

What’s your biggest dream?

To inspire people with my work to live their life to the fullest and do more of what makes them happy. And to have my own Analogie physical store where my clients can have a real-life experience of the brand and what it’s about in person. I aspire to use my designs to inspire others.

Rose Quartz necklace

What’s your favorite place in Cairo? Why?

The Nile river, it has a very charming way of connecting the different districts of Cairo.

Since you launched your own start-up (Analogie), what advice would you give to those who want to start their own business?

I would tell them to listen to their own intuition and to pursue their passion. I constantly try to remind myself to be persistent and open to new paths. Having a start-up, things do tend to get messy, you just need to be flexible enough to find your alternative way around challenges.