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Hello everyone! I’m back with the second part of our exclusive interview with Egypt’s representative in the Axe Apollo Contest, Ahmed Khaled Said, aka Bondok. Yesterday, Cairo Contra had the privilege of posting the first part of his interview (which can be seen here) in which Bondok talked about himself and how he got to enter the competition. In the second part of the interview, we explore his quest to conquer space as he recounts his experience in Dubai.

The X-COR in which the winner in the Florida round will get to fly into space.
The X-COR in which the winner in the Florida round will get to fly into space.


– Wow. Were the questions Miss Universe asked hard? What did she ask you?

–  It wasn’t “wow” at all man. First, she asked me if I came back home from work and I was tired, what the funniest thing I could come up with in order to cheer her up is. The second question was what my best experience in my life was. As for the final one, she asked me if there was a lady that I wanted to share my feelings about her with, how I am going to tell her that.


How did you answer these questions?

– I totally screwed up! I would have done better if I wasn’t that tense. The answers that kept getting in my head after it was all over were so much better. For the first question, she was asking me for something funny; I told her something romantic instead. As for the second, that was the best one and it was easy as well: my army service. Girls like army men! Unfortunately, I can’t remember how I answered that last one. I was really tense.


 I think a lot of guys would be against the army service being their favorite experience. Let’s talk about your competitors. Were you worried that they will be better than you in the competition?

-First thing I always say in a competition is to never underestimate my competitor. So yes, I was worried because the one you underestimate is the one who surprises you the most and I hate surprises.


Bondok celebrating with his competitors. Talk about an A+ spirit!
Bondok celebrating with his competitors. Talk about an A+ spirit!


Were they friendly or ready to attack and beat you?

– No, they were so friendly. They’re really good guys. I’m glad I got to know them. Even when one of us was doing a challenge, despite being competitors, we were encouraging one another.


That’s good spirit. I’m glad to hear that. So when you were all done with the challenges, how did you feel?

-Oh man! It felt like I had a very big weight on my chest and I finally was able to put it aside, have a break then lift another heavier one by December since I am now representing Egypt.


– And when they announced that you were the winner of the Dubai round, what was the first thing you did?

-I shook hands with my competitors; you know telling them “hard luck” and all. Then people starting cheering me on and celebrating and I found myself under the spotlights and I was like “I really need to act properly now”


Bondok after winning the Dubai round.
Bondok after winning the Dubai round.


So now that you’re representing Egypt in the USA for the final round that should take place in Florida, you said that it is somewhat of a pressure on you. Do you have any plans as to how you’ll deal with that pressure?

– Not really but the only thing I must do is to get ready for that final round.  I’ll be working out like an animal physically and fitness wise as well.  I’ll do whatever it takes so that I could face anything over there and be ready for any kind of challenges. I’ll do my best to represent my country in the most proper and worthy way possible. I won’t allow anyone to say that Egyptians are screw ups.


– Are you still in touch with your competitors? Who were you afraid from the most when you were there? 

– Yes, I’m still in touch with them and I’m planning on keeping that touch.


– Last question, if you had one word to describe this whole journey from start to hopefully a stellar finish, what would it be?

– One word won’t be enough. I would say “epic, glamorous, classy and nothing is impossible”.

Nothing is impossible.
Nothing is impossible.


And that was my interview with Ahmed Said aka Bondok. It’s great to see that Egypt’s representative is as fueled and enthusiastic as he is. And in the name of all the youth, we are really proud of you my friend and we are cheering on for you because like you said “Nothing is impossible”. All the best of luck to you and we’ll be watching you from now on. Stay tuned for Bondok’s journey to conquer space which will take place in Florida, USA from the 9th of December 2013 till the 13th of December 2013.


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