Although the PANDORA’s charm bracelet was launched in 2000, it created a craze in the past couple of years and a hot-rising debate whether it is “in” and trendy or quite overrated. The Danish charm bracelet design is quite recognizable; a silver snake chain with interchangeable charms. The charms are designed to commemorate special moments in one’s life like getting a degree, getting married, traveling on holiday and so on.

They can be mixed and matched to create a personal piece of jewelry that represents your most cherished memories. Indeed, it is a great way to use one’s creativity and to play with different looks by taking charms off or adding new ones. You can also buy charms or have them gifted to you by friends and family on special occasions. It’s all about being personal, as they always say in the store “Your story, your bracelet, your design.”

Whether you already have it or are thinking about buying it, here are some things to keep in mind out of my own experience with the brand:

1- Size matters!

charm braceletcharm bracelet

PANDORA bracelets generally can’t be shortened; so when you purchase yours, choose the size wisely. The best way to determine the proper length you would be comfortable wearing is to take a measuring tape and measure around your wrist at its widest part. To allow room for the charms, place one finger under the measuring tape and include that space’s width in your size number. Just note that the bracelet will slightly loosen over time; as the snake chains loosen up a bit due to the weight of the charms.

2- Be safe!


silver logo safety chainsilver logo safety chain

Adding a safety chain to your PANDORA bracelet is highly recommended; it totally prevents the bracelet from falling off your wrist and ensures that charms stay in place – protecting your investment. It won’t let you experience the pain of losing a precious charm or witnessing the tragic scene of seeing all your charms flying in all directions when you open the clasp quickly by mistake. It also holds the two ends of the bracelet closer together, making the bracelet way easier to wear and take off. They are available at PANDORA stores upon your request.

3- The alternative clip

photo creditphoto credit

If you don’t like the idea of having a little chain hanging from you charm bracelet, there is another trick to protect your charms, which is using a clip. Originally, clips are used to keep the charms balanced by placing a clip between a set of two or three charms, and to prevent the bracelet itself from stretching. However, you can also add one before the end of the bracelet to protect your charms from falling instead of the safety chain.


4- Do not clean your bracelet with silver polish

The chemicals in the usual silver cleaners will harm your PANDORA bracelet by removing the finish of the charms and making them tarnish. To keep your PANDORA clean and shiny, you can go to the store and ask them to polish it for you for free. Keep in mind that PANDORA’s warranty does not cover any faults caused by misuse like discoloration. To avoid getting it dirty in general, make sure the bracelet is always away from any chemicals like perfumes, hand sanitizers, or creams. Sometimes even some soaps or any physical activities that may subject the jewelry to wear and tear.

5- Get the PANDORA Polishing Cloth
Another simpler and quicker option is to buy the polishing cloth from any PANDORA store. It is a great tool to maintain PANDORA’s shine. However, it will do nothing for scratches of course.

cleaning braceletcleaning bracelet

6- Browse through the website
If you are looking for a PANDORA gift or a new charm, visit the official PANDORA website. It is very helpful, especially the Gifts section. You can choose the occasion, the price range, and some other details, the site suggests pieces based on your choices. This option will help you pick the perfect gift effortlessly. As for the “inspiration” section, you can find a wide range of videos and photos for millions of PANDORA pieces mixed and matched that will surely inspire you.




What do you think of PANDORA bracelets?

Do you like them? Do you think they’re overrated? Do you have any other tips that I’ve missed?

Share your thoughts and photos of your bracelets and charms in the comments.