Welcome to Contra Events: In Contra events, we offer every young talent a space to express themselves. Artists will have a space to exhibit their art, and performers will have a platform to perform for a live audience. Our cultural hub is a place for art, passion, and motivation. If you’re looking for a way to recharge without wasting your time, Contra is the perfect spot for you.

October's Events

Follow Your Passion

CairoContra as an organization is driven mainly by passion, therefore our first event will be living proof that one should follow their heart no matter what.

As an opening to our first art gallery, our speakers will talk about their personal experiences, and tell their inspiring success stories that were led by passion, and only passion. Then, we’ll chill with some indie rock music. This will mark the start of Contra’s first art gallery, and the launching of more events to come.

Thursday 4/10/2018


Empowering Her

We support women, and empower them to live life to the fullest.

Therefore, our second event will shed the light on one of the solutions to sexual harassment, and will revive a campaign that promoted women's social, political, and economic empowerment in Egypt.

Lastly, a dazzling female musician 's performance will open Contra's second art gallery

Thursday 18/10/2018