Dear Readers,

Greetings to you all!

My name is Alaa A. Rahman, the fiction editor and writer behind “Decisions in a Halo”. I would like to thank you for sticking around with the story thus far, given how long the break between each episode takes. I know it’s only been one season but the amount of cheers, criticism and followers to the story of Samir and his nascent group of friends, has been outstanding. As you might know by now, “Decisions in a Halo” is a product of a series of true events interconnected together by the people behind them and seeing as how we’re approaching the end of the first season, I’m offering you 4 little treats.

You’ll get to experience episode 10 (entitled Courtyard Fate) through the eyes of our four main characters that have appeared so far. You’ll get to listen to Samir’s thoughts, see through Sarah’s eyes, feel with Salma’s heart and decipher Adam with your logic and mind.

I hope you enjoy this particularly juicy episode and as always, thank you for making “Decisions in a Halo” a story worth writing.

Samir’s Point of View                                                                          Sarah’s Point of View

Salma’s Point of View                                                                          Adam’s Point of View