Written by Alaa (aka Lols)


Given the current turn of events, we, the CairoContra team, send out our prayers and condolences to all of Egypt and especially to those families who lost a  member or a friend.  We ask you all to keep Egypt in your prayers and put aside political differences and affiliations to help the country move out from the darkness it’s engulfed in.

We also advice our fellow Egyptians to apply caution when looking up information on current events as they could be false or rumor based intelligence. Only from well-trusted sources should you actually pass on the information and this is to avoid putting more oil on the “fetna” we’re currently living.

We encourage all of you to follow safety protocols and remain in your houses until further notice. No one is to leave one’s house unless absolutely necessary. This is for everyone’s safety.

Due to the current events, the scheduled articles for the next few days have been postponed until it is deemed fit to publish them.

Stay safe…