Doors of Hope

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size: A5 [14.8 x 21.0 cms]

price: 60 LE

Every new door opens a way to new dreams and opportunities. Our talented in-house creative director and photographer Sondos Abdallah spent days photographing some of Cairo’s most unique doors to bring this project to life. This is no ordinary notebook; every photographed door is a card with a quote that you can easily detach and pin-up, gift, or reuse in anyway you like! 


I’m proactive when I’m not procrastinating and I’m very good at photographing anything with a good view. I spend most of my time editing, drawing or just plain sleeping, which I do ALOT. Doors have beauty that no one notices. They’re more significant than just being a tool or an object that someone uses. They have character and they have souls, especially those that have stories to tell. These doors are located in Bab Elwazir area.

In our quest to support young Egyptian talents, we provide an opportunity for young designers and photographers to bring their work to life. Behind every design is a story of a young artist who put their heart in their work to prove that their passion can actually pay a bill or two!

Hence, 10% of what you pay goes to supporting young artists.