Written by Alaa (aka Lols)

“We have a particularly fun something to look forward to this afternoon,” she sniggered.
“We have a particularly fun something to look forward to this afternoon,” she sniggered.

“It was my pleasure, Mrs. Al-Alfy, and if you ever need anything else, please don’t hesitate to give me a call anytime” said Karim Imnan, as he walked an elderly small lady to the elevators outside the offices of the firm.

“You are a sweet young man. I wish my son was more like you,” she sighed. The old lady remembered how her son battled her in court over a large estate her late husband left behind for her, claiming that she was in no fit mental state to be dealing with any financial assets belonging to the family. Today, she just won the right back to the estate, all thanks to Karim.

“He’ll come around, Mrs. Al-Alfy, you’ll see. He just needs a good whipping to get him back to his senses and he got that today in court” Karim smiled as he patted the old lady on her shoulders. She smiled back at him and both waited for the elevator.


The hot shot lawyer felt extremely good about himself today. He walked back to his office, chest held high with a glint of triumph in his eyes. The one time he felt this triumphant was when he last saw the Gang a few months back and seeing their shocked and hurt expressions once they found out he married Salma. It was an elating feeling. A couple of secretaries passed him and giggled as if they were teenagers in high school. Karim put on his devilishly handsome smile and wished them a lovely afternoon. Their faces went red and they giggled some more.

He arrived at his office where visible on the doors; the following title “Senior Associate, Karim F. Imnan” stood shinning.

And soon, I’ll become Senior Partner and take this firm by storm, he thought. As soon as he entered his office, his rainbow colored, ambitious and happy bubble exploded. His face fell as his eyes realized who was sitting at his desk.

“Baby, I’ve missed you…” A sultry, velvety voice resounded from underneath a black hat. It was perched on the head of a small woman who rose from Karim’s chair and walked slowly towards the transfixed man. She was walking seductively; her black heels tip tapped with a slow tempo, her short black skirt rippled at the right angles, complementing the woman’s curvy physique, her tight white blouse sketching every inch of her fine waist, rising up to her voluptuous bosom held firm in a black lace brassier, which could be traced as the light shone upon her, all which made Karim’s heart race. Her face was hidden by a large dark hat that was poised at an angle allowing a clear view of only her lush lips which glowed with that just-bitten tint.

As she neared Karim, the latter could feel a cold sweat slide down his back.

“What are you doing here!? I told you not to come to my office without a previous appointment!” remarked Karim as the small woman hugged him tightly around his waist and hummed.

“This is wrong… Please, stop,” Karim said calmly as he wiped the sweat off of his forehead and headed to his seat. The woman giggled.

“Don’t worry, darling. No one saw me come in here, anyway. Your secretary wasn’t at her desk. I think she’s off talking to that cute Junior Associate of yours and by talking, I mean fooling around” she laughed and sat down in front of Karim, legs crossed.

“What are you doing here!?” repeated Karim, irritated and worried.

“Relax, honey” answered the woman as she lit a thin cigarette and puffed the smoke in her lawyer’s direction, “I’m here for pleasure, not for business” Karim’s eyes grew wider; at the sight, the woman laughed.

“I just love messing with you, baby. You’re so easy, you always have been. Where’s your sense of adventure? Or did the little wifey back home erase that as well?” remarked the woman.

“As well? What do you mean?”

“Don’t mind me. It’s just…I never quite saw what’s appealing about Salma. She’s so…plain. You deserve someone more…,” the woman rose up, walked slowly to Karim and stared playing with his hair and rubbing his shoulders. Her velvety voice dropped to a whisper as she continued, “adventurous, spontaneous, sexier, and beautiful who knows her way around…”

“That’s enough!” shouted Karim as he stood up hastily, almost knocking the woman off the floor.

“Is everything alright, Mr. Imnan?” asked the secretary as she came peering inside the office, her eyes worried. She found Mr. Imnan’s face flushed and a woman laughing at his side. The small woman grabbed his arms and faked a smile, “Everything is quite fine, my dear. Old friends catching up. Why don’t you go talk to that cute boy of yours? Looks yummy ha?” and she crackled another one of her laughs.

“I’m sorry?” the secretary was aghast. Karim, eyes closed and wearing a frown, signaled to the young woman to leave them alone for which she was glad to do. The small woman in the black hat made her uncomfortable.

“Again, why are you here?” asked Karim, frustrated.

“I’m here to ask about my case, Karim” answered the woman, as she picked up her burning cigarette from the ash tray, “Did you find anything yet that we could use?”

“I was specific; I would call you when I did. You were not to come here unplanned for. I’ve been busy, I was in court all day and I just came back to the office.” said Karim, as he sat back again and lit a cigarette of his own.

“Then let’s make a day out of it, shall we? It’s been so long since we hung out”

“We were hanging out just last night!”  Karim grunted.

“And I WANT TO HANG OUT AGAIN!” cried the woman. Karim could feel her intense gaze burning a hole in his head, even it were half hidden by the big black hat. He knew that woman well enough to not mess around with her. She tended to snap quite easily.

“Okay, fine. We could make a day out of it…whatever you want” said Karim, half smiling in his devilish handsome manner; after all, he deserved to reward his brilliance after his morning success in court. The woman smiled back, sat on top of his desk and with a giggle, buzzed the secretary.

“Aziza, cancel my meetings for the day. I have something important to attend to this afternoon”

We have a particularly fun something to look forward to this afternoon,” she sniggered.