Written by Alaa A. Rahman

Previously on “Decisions in a Halo – Episode VIII: Twin Souls”

You would think a girl like myself, born under the fire sign Sagittarius, would have enough compassion to understand humans, to interact with them, to see what they see, to feel what they feel, to care enough to open her heart and divulge her deepest darkest thoughts.

You would think a girl like myself, would act all…girly.

But that’s really not the case.

Unlike your average girl, I don’t believe in relying too much on emotions. I believe that life is simpler than having one’s heart open all the time. I believe in the power of logic, sense, and mind. I believe that a person must live, think, love, see, and feel simple.


This should be humanity’s truth. This should be our way of conducting life. Why do we tend to complicate matters? I will never come close to answering that question. I live by my own doctrine; a doctrine of simplicity, embedded in a framework of logic and sense.

Sarah El-Korayem lives by her own rules. She believes in a care-free lifestyle, a lifestyle built on understanding, ease of operation and a reasonable amount of emotions. Too much of them render her life problematic and filled with “drama”.

Drama, the worst creation ever made on this Earth. The worst possible torture one can endure, even worse than having to be tortured under Nazi rule.

One could imagine her “discomfort” when her best friend, Salma, comes to her relaying emotions and feelings to Sarah that are way too strong for her “framework” to hold.

Sarah never liked her mind to be focused on just one thing, especially when it came to matters of the heart, let alone matters of someone else’s heart. But for the meantime, she relished in the fact that she had a free period at university and was thinking of skipping macroeconomics 101.

An Economics and Political Sciences student, she hovered around the courtyard for a while, with her oval spectacles, red backpack, and a bouncing brown ponytail. She observed the people through innocent eyes, creating stories around who they were, what they wanted, whom they loved, whom they hated, what they ate for lunch. She created small stories for each of the many people she observed in the courtyard, thinking about how different their lives are from hers. With her mind racing around the many details that comprised her small stories, Sarah enjoyed a small snack while sitting on the steps of the faculty, observing, imagining and most of all, serene.


“Sarah enjoyed a small snack while sitting on the steps of the faculty…”

“Technically, you’ll be doing something different, get exposed to different people and push yourself to your limit.  And we throw killer parties” Adam winks at a couple of freshmen girls who are listening to him intensely. They giggle at the wink and look at each other, with a peachy blush smeared across their cheeks.

“So where do we sign up?” asks one of the girls, holding her textbooks closer to her chest as she smiles and slightly bites her bottom lip.

“Right here, ladies. Right here,” Adam hands them a sign-up sheet with several empty slots indicating: name, mobile, faculty and email, alongside a pen. The two “potentials” giggle as they write down their credentials, give Adam a unified bye which he reciprocates with a charming smile and a glint in his eyes. This only spurs on their girlish attitude as they walk away heads together, chatting about how hot Adam was.

“Great score boss!” says Adam’s vice PR Manager, a dorky third-year commerce student, who has made it his life’s goal to become Adam in every way possible. His orange puffy hair was now a buzz cut. He got LASIK eye surgery  instead of having to parade around with his rounded spectacles. He started going to the gym and wearing tighter t-shirts and most important of all, he took notes on how to deal with the ladies.

“You see Wael, the important thing about charming the ladies is to be a fun guy. You’re cool, you’re suave, you’re mysterious, you’re looking into their souls,” explains Adam as he puts on his expert look and pulls his protégé under his arm, “You have to feel like you own the place… scratch that, YOU HAVE TO OWN THE PLACE! You have to feel like you’re the boss and everyone around you is beneath you. You’ve got to be the man!” He ends his note with a slight punch to Wael’s chest, which makes him slightly cough.

A few hours ago, Adam thought his day was going to be a complete shithole, but now, it’s turning out to be okay. He seems unexpectedly in his game: pretty girls are attracted to his charm, his protégé is looking up to him, and his mind seems to be free of reality’s mundane, serious outlook.

“Now onto the next prey!”

At the finish of his sentence, Adam’s dark eyes cross paths with Sarah’s bright brown ones, a look of repugnance and judgment flaring from their irises. For a fleeting moment, he gets taken aback by the intensity. They hold the gaze for a few seconds before Sarah breaks the link, wraps her sandwich and takes her leave.


Sarah’s perception catches the usual mundane Egyptian guy flirting with Egyptian women.

The Dance of the Alpha; Typical Egyptian guys! Oh yes, here’s the wink…like clockwork.

Sarah was observing Adam playing the field with two possible female recruits to the so-called “models”.

I mean “student activities” is just another word for “drama”. Too many people, too much interaction, not enough fun.

The two girls had just signed up for the interviews when they pass next to Sarah.

“Oh my God, he’s so hot! I mean have you seen his biceps?” says one girl, almost drooling.

“I could just drown in his eyes, or that smile of his. I don’t think I can breathe anymore,” says the other, as she gulps for air. The two of them giggle very loud as they march away into the halls of the Faculty building, probably imagining what it would be like to go out with Adam.

How come just the thought of being with that macho excuse of a guy is enough to make them lose it?

Amidst the chaos of students coming to and fro, Sarah’s gaze crosses paths with Adam’s. They hold the gaze for a few seconds. She breaks the link with a roll of her eyes, as she wraps the rest of her sandwich hastily and leaves. 

What a sad excuse for a guy!

Adam walks on with his arm around his orange haired friend, as he scans the courtyard for potentials. Sarah walks towards the back courtyard of the Faculty, hoping she would get a better understanding of the workings of the commotion that seems to come alive on Tuesday in particular. She might be able to better dive into the colorful blend of people, the chemistry that seems to spill over everywhere, the connection that forms; she would get to understand the society around her. 

As she walks on towards her destination, Sarah notices Adam walking on, his arm around his orange haired friend, in the same direction as her.