How to Spell Gabbana: How to Wear Heels? – Part 1

Written by Mariem ELTagoury


Hello Folks! Today, I’ll be discussing an age old issue; women’s heels. Ladies just love them. You have to admit they make shoes quite attractive yet, they’re the number one complain at parties and/or formal gatherings. Hence, my fashion duty requires me to discuss how to wear heels the right, healthy and painless way.


Walking in Heels

1. Start Tight (pre-beginners step)


My mother used to have me wear shoes like this to school when I was a little girl
My mother used to have me wear shoes like this to school when I was a little girl

If you’re a sneakers girl and you’ve never put your foot in a shoe with structured leather or the likes, my advice would be to start by wearing a flat structured shoe that’s tight on the sides. When I say tight, I don’t mean uncomfortable, rather I mean structured. There’s a difference. You see, sneakers and similar shoes have the tendency to give your feet room to relax and sort of spread within the shoe, unlike common women shoes. This could be a main discomfort turn point when it comes to young ladies who’ve worn sneakers all their lives, which unfortunately is the case for most young girls today as formal school shoes have faded to become something of the past and sneakers are the new official shoe for school girls. So if you’ve never owned a shoe like the one in the picture, start by buying a pair of flat Mary Janes, preferably with a little bit of heel. You could go for ballerinas but not all of them are well structured, so pick well.


2.  Start Low (beginners step)


chunky kitten heels
chunky kitten heels

You’re used to flat ladies shoes, great! Now go a step higher; a low kitten heel should do the trick. Chunky heels help you control balance.


3. Go For Wedges


You’ve trained well on the low side, now you want to go for higher heels. There are two things that are scary about heels: height and balance. Tackle one at a time. Wedges help you tackle height while maintaining full control on your balance.


4.  The Chunky Heel


After practicing with wedges and achieving your desired height, it’s time to go for actual heels. Don’t jump to stilettos fast; they are hard to balance especially when sky high. Start off with chunky heels, which offer an excellent intermediate stage between your height and balance training and are super chic & practical as well.


5. The Stiletto (finally)


The holy grail of all shoes types, the exquisite super model of heels, and the one every little girl dreams of. When the time is right and if you have full control of any of the past shoe types, you’re definitely ready to tackle this bad ass. Remember; the higher it is, the harder it is to control. You might find that you have better control over higher wedges or chunky heels than a stiletto of the same height so it might be wise to go an inch or 2 lower than what you prefer when you go for the stiletto.


Extra Tips


  • Another option for achieving height with comfort, are platforms. The extra height in the front are excellent cheat sheets for ladies who want to go for extra height but are not used to it.
  • Walk in smaller steps. Your stride should be smaller and slower than what it would be with a sneaker or flat shoe.
  • Walk normally. Walking slower doesn’t mean you have to change the way you walk entirely. You don’t need to bend your knees or tip your head and back forward or walk toes first! Walk in a normal stride of heel to toe, stretch your back and legs –its healthier and will help you avoid toppling over!
  • Practice. When buying a new shoe its best to wear it around the house for better fit, and, if it’s a heel, for comfort building and practice. A heel is like a pet; the owner should get to know well, do so and the shoe will get used to you fast!

So this is this month’s tips about wearing and walking in heels, tune in next month to find out how to buy the right heels.


Want to know more about heels?

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer it.


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