Written by Mariem ELTagoury


Now you’ve mastered the neutrals, standout piece, the contrasting pairs, and the monochrome; let’s take it a little further with multiple colours. If you’re matching more than two colours together its might be a safe bet to match colours together according to their warmth. Which brings me to cool and warm colours; as you see the wheel above is split into two warm and cool colours, this is defined by the radiance of the colours. Cool colours can be defines as hues of blue, green, violet, and even greys whilst warm colours are considered hues of red, orange, yellow, and browns. Let’s see how these mix.

Going Cool

T-shirt, jeans, blazer, flats, bracelet, earings
T-shirt, jeans, blazer, flats, bracelet, earrings

For a colourful casual look; match a basic blue t-shirt to trendy turquoise jeans and add a khaki green blazer. Keep the rest neutral with silver accessories and black flats. This is also one look that could work well for veiled young ladies when matched with a neutral toned scarf.

Getting Warm

dress, bag, wedges, earrings
dress, bag, wedges, earrings

This ensemble could suit a family day or a night out on the town. Just match a belted red dress with brown wedge sandals, a yellow bag, and orange earrings. Now that’s one colourful night out on the town!


Now you’ve mastered the colour wheel let’s take it a step further and colour-block!
Colour-blocking has lately become a big trend and it definitely isn’t one for the faint hearts. The one rule for colour blocking is boldly combining colour; to keep the look chic stick to solid colours and don’t combine more than 2-3 colours.

jeans, t-shirt, blazer, pumps, necklace
jeans, t-shirt, blazer, pumps, necklace

Boyfriend jeans have to be the comfiest trend since the start of the new millennium; one good reason it’s my centre piece for this snazzy outfit. Add a coral coloured blazer to dark green tee with a turquoise necklace and you’ve got a chic colour blocked outfits to go. Don’t forget to rock it with some fab heels like these; or flats if they’re more of your thing.

Extra Tips

  • Switch black for another neutral

We all know that black is the king of all colours; but if you want to go colourful you might want to break the ice with other neutrals as you’ve seen in our previous article, there are many other options.

  • Add colour to your accessories

Own a colourful bag, pair of shoes or jewellery.  You’ll be surprised how much interest a pop of colour could add to simple black dress. You could even go for other colourful extras such as belts, gloves or even tights.

  • Create your own neutral!

Whilst the basic neutrals are commonly known you could create a neutral of your own. Some like to consider khaki green or royal purple as neutrals. Think about it this way if back in the 50s ruby red nails & lips were considered a neutral; why can’t you create your own?

  • Go for solids

When going for colour matching you might want to stick to solid colours rather than get things too busy with patterns. Remember the focal point of your outfit is colour!

  • Do not go beyond the number 3!

When it comes to colour more than three is a crowd. If you’re mixing colour stick to 2 or 3 colours max. (I might have mentioned this before but that shows how crucial this tip is)

  • Avoid matching!

Avoid trying to match the same colour in all different pieces of your outfit. Even if you’re going for a monochrome look then you will be looking for different shades of the colour not the exact same colour from every piece. It’s pointless trying to match since no 2 pieces will have the exact same shade and you don’t want to look like you fell in to a pot of paint!

What do you think?

What colours do you love wearing the most? Do you like colourful outfits or are you more of a neutrals kind of person? Share your own stock of colour tips with us and let us know what you think of ours! Also if there’s a certain topic you want us to tackle feel free leave a comment with your suggestions or send us an email on [email protected].