Written by Mariem ELTagoury and Alaa (aka Lols)

Merry Christmas everyone! Now that the Eid is over, we can go back to our regular “walwala” which goes under the name of “finals season”. Even if you aren’t struggling with finals, your world has stopped either because half the people you know are stuck in exam mode, or you’re stuck in traffic partially caused by the final exams rush!

Since we’re surrounded here and there by the finals season aura, I thought I should write something to help you, fashionable people going through finals, to stay comfortable and still stylish through these cold, hard times.  Read on for tips and a few outfit samples.


Say no to sweatpants & PJ’s! HEY! If you haven’t changed your pants, you probably haven’t changed your underwear either! Spare everyone the negative implications, and decide to wear real clothes for exams season. For the ladies, leggings & jeggings will keep you warm in winter and are still comfy. You can also add cotton or thick tights for extra warmth. For the gentlemen, best replacements for sweatpants are fabric trousers – not as tight as denim jeans and much more comfortable.

Say no to flip-flops & crocs! #1 Flip-Flops in winter, are you homeless?! #2 flip-flops always clobber around no matter how well you walk. It’s an exam; maybe you’re late or you want to go to the bathroom or you finished early; no one wants to hear about it. #3 it’s exam season! It’s not the beach; your feet are ugly, get some shoes on! They’re not a sight to see… and don’t your feet get cold? Eh mafesh blood 5ales!?

Say no to Uggs! Repeat after me; Ugg is short for Uggly! They look terrible, they’re the unhealthiest shoes created by mankind and somehow, you gradually start sliding rather than walking around. Like the flip flops, no one wants to hear you sliding around and making that awful Ugg-walker sound (by2sh3ar!) You don’t want to annoy anyone during an exam. Remember, they’re all as cold and tired as much as you are!

Organise beforehand. Figure out what you’ll be wearing and organise them together the night before your exam. Save yourself a lot of avoidable panic, if there’s an emergency like ‘all pants are in the laundry’, you’ll be happy to know there’s still time to figure out what to do. You’ll also be very grateful when you wake-up and find that you don’t have to think about what to wear.

Have a basic black coat by the door. No matter what you’re wearing, throwing on your basic black coat will keep you warm and it’s a one timeless rule of elegance that everyone should follow, and with coats everywhere from City Stars to Attaba, there’s no excuse for not owning one.

Here are a few samples for comfy, stylish, warm outfit combination examples for finals week; it’s easy, we’ve done it before. Good luck everyone!

Outfit #1

Jeggings, a long sweater, cardigan, boots, tote and a beanie.

A comfortable combination in winter is jeggings, with a long sweater, with your favourite boots. add a patterned, snugly overlarged cardigan for extra warmth, and interest – adding colours and patterns to neutral outfits makes a simple outfit instantly more stylish.  Add a big neutral toned tote for finals season to carry all your stuff & notes in one place. Having a bad hair day? Throw on a beanie! Perfect!

Outfit #2

The Katniss look: leggings, sweater, cardigan, boots, cross-body bag and a teal scarf.

For this outfits, I opted for a trendier version of simplicity inspired by Katniss’s outfits during the victory tour from the movie Catching Fire. I kind of find the flowing vests and cardigans she wore during the movie kind of empowering and gave a futuristic fashionable vibe – as well as additional warmth; the kind of spirit everyone needs for finals! So I matched a long cardigan, with a simple sweater, leggings and boots. If you’re not much of a large bag person or you prefer to travel light during exams I opted for a cross-body bag for this outfit. To add a touch of colour I added a teal scarf- which can work as a regular scarf or a veil.

Outfit #3

A checker shirt, chinos, sweater, plain woollen coat and sneakers.

Gentlemen, all you need is a simple checker shirt (you can wear an undershirt if you’re feeling extra cold), a pair of chinos (very comfortable pants and decent looking too), and a plain cardigan to offset the pattern in your shirt and sneakers that are easy and fast to wear. For when you go out, just throw on this plain woolen collar coat and you’re all set to ace that exam like a prof. (P.S. You still have to study though. The look doesn’t guarantee a passing grade.)