Colourful Fun

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size: A5 [14.8 x 21.0 cms]

price: 50 LE

Nothing can bring joy to the heart like coloured doodling designed with infinite passion. The talented Nada Gamal El Din brings life to paper by doing just that.


Nada Gamal-Eldin, 25 years old, Egyptian, doodle art and mandalas. Art has been my passion ever since I was a kid. Although I stopped for a few years; my hands couldn’t. I regained that passion soon enough and started working again on that talent of mine. My art journey resembles many others’ but some of us decide to just let go. I didn’t.

I strongly believe that there’s always more to learn; that you have to keep pursuing your passion no matter what; that you have to keep pushing against the tides. I work hard every day in order to make sure I develop and present something of value, something different. With my art, I always aim to inspire and to cheer. I try to make people happy; to get them lost in the endless spirals or the dizzying colours.

Instagram: Ngdsketches

In our quest to support young Egyptian talents, we provide an opportunity for young designers and photographers to bring their work to life. Behind every design is a story of a young artist who put their heart in their work to prove that their passion can actually pay a bill or two!

Hence, 10% of what you pay goes to supporting young artists.