I was looking at the colorful blankets, clothes, and splashy notebooks around my room, and wondered how life would be without colors. Do colors matter? How do they affect our lives? Would our lives be miserable without their presence?

Each color reflects a different feeling, each has its own spirit, and governs our thoughts distinctly. They affect our choices, our tastes, and most importantly, our overall view of the world around us. And because of that, some people managed to decipher colors and use what they found to their advantage.

  • Red and Yellow Whet Your Appetite

RED & YELLOW! Make sure you have a sandwich while reading this because the combination of these colors can simply whet anyone’s appetite. These are the most used colors for many eateries, including McDonald’s. People find red-colored foods the most appealing, while yellow is associated with happiness; your brain secretes more serotonin (a feel-good hormone) when you see yellow, thus, it is good for those who work in the fast-food chains.

  • Blue Is Creative

Blue stands for tranquility, peace, and reliability. It is the most commonly used color by conservative brands to maintain their customers' trust. Added to that, it resembles creativity, and it enhances productivity, and that’s why it is used by many innovative corporates such as Facebook.

  • Green is to “Get Well Soon”

Green looks like nature. It reminds you of growth and life. Whenever you see green; it has you implanted with the feeling of wealth and well-being. Most hospitals use green for the curtains, walls, and bedsheets. It has a medium wavelength, therefore; it is soothing to the eyes, and helps in quick recovery.

  • Purple Takes Women’s Side

Purple flares up everyone’s imagination and is pretty much the most inspirational color for artists. Purple is feminine; it is used for makeup and beauty products logos. Those companies rely on purple to attract women and get them to buy their products.

  • Black and white

The world of advertising began in black and white. They are the most versatile of all colors because they can go with any color in the background. Black is the color of strength, clearance, and confidence, while white is for purity and peace. The combination of those two colors has been used in the past and is being used today in many logos for their simplicity.

Colors redirect us; sometimes they push us towards doing a certain thing and then push us away from another. People who understand colors and their tricks can clearly understand the world around them. So, it’s okay if every now and then you follow the herd and be seduced by the colors around you!


If you can relate to any of the above or you found out about another color-marketing trick, let us know more about it in the comments!