Written by Alaa (aka Lols)

Balance, my friend!

Hey everybody! I hope you’re all ready for a new academic year (yes grandpa!). Now, some of you might dwell into the whole college experience under the impression that it’s all about the grades. Others will expect to try out everything wild because college is supposed to be the golden era of anyone’s life and “NO FOR STUDYING” is usually those guys’ motto. Well, both camps are wrong. It’s neither a 100% educational experience neither is it a 100% wild partying experience. College life is all about balance. Schools have started which means Cairo will be having back its student vibe (don’t know if I should celebrate with you guys or cheer you on a summer “well” spent).

Anyways, both directions I mentioned earlier on can be merged into one single track called “extracurricular activities” or “model simulations”.

Here are some directives on how to choose what kind of activities is willing to help you bring that balance:

1. Choose based on what interests you the most

Pick the activity or in this case, the simulation that fits your interests the most. Some might stick to activities that pertain to their own field of study such as engineering groups, hygienic campaigns or political organizations. The important thing is; choose what interests you the most.

2. Gather all the possible info you need…

on these activities before you sign into anything. A lot of advertising for those activities will kick off with pamphlets and info desks. Exploit this and gather as much info as you can on them.

3. Don’t rely on seniority

You’ll find that the “simulations” market is more competitive than any perfect competitive market out there (excuse my economic references). Some could be as young as 3 or 4 years and still be as good as a 16 year old student activity.

4. Don’t get dragged in by others into signing in

The organizers of the simulations will see you as a target and trust me when I tell you; they have to attain their target. Keep firm and polite. When they keep pushing you into signing decline politely saying that you need to make up your mind first before engaging.


So that’s it for this week’s College Life. Stay tuned for next week’s continuation on leaving your mark in those simulations once you get accepted as a member.


College Engagement

Before you go, why don’t you tell us how your first week of college was in terms of classes and what caught your attention in your step towards life. How did you deal with the new people and environment? Did you sign on any activities yet? Did the tips actually help you? Besides the upcoming articles, what do you want to discuss in College Life? You could comment with the answers in the comment section below or send us an email at [email protected]


Until next week!