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Hello Cairenes! This month, seeing as Alaa is feeling a little bit under the weather, I’ll be bringing you our College Life tips.

It’s almost the end of the semester. Finals are closing in; there’s all this last minute mayhem of assignments, papers and presentations. The weather isn’t helping at all and where did all the time go!? Personally, I’ve seen the worst phases of me while standing at that point in life. That’s why I’ve decided that this month, we’ll talk about how to deal with end-of-semester pressure & stress.

*If you’re an Aucian, you’re probably in exams mode by now, so good luck & we wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays*

NO! I won’t be talking about note taking and time management. My tips will be much more realistic – at least I hope they are; since I’m an unrealistic person myself!

For regular college students, here’s a list of tips to help get you through these rough times:

having sticky note with this ^ is helpful too!
having a sticky note with this ^ is helpful too!

1.     Put it all on paper!

Ever noticed that at times of pressure, when you actually need your memory, you start to show signs of early Alzheimer? Avoid losing track of things by keeping a daily agenda and using sticky notes for your to-do lists. I even have a sticky note program for my desktop! Having your to-dos, priorities, deadlines, reminders and your life on paper, or just written down somewhere, will help keep your days more organized and you’ll be less likely to forget those important deadlines again.


do the hola hoop!
do the hola hoop!

2.     Distract your mind!

Instead, shouldn’t I be advising you to freeze your social media accounts, set camp at home, forget Thursdays ever existed and buy your own shisha? Maybe that would be a more economical and less healthy idea but back to my point. Yes, you need some time off. If all you’re doing is trying to cram as much as possible all day, you’re probably ending that day with less done. So try this for a change; when it all seems like too much, take a walk, or play your favorite music, go out for a run, watch a movie. I’ve seen “A” students go more often to the cinema during finals season just to cool off their nerves. Try hitting the gym, or attending an aerobics or yoga class. The most common phrase I’ve heard about playing a bit of light sport is “I feel lighter”. It’s true; you not only feel lighter after an hour of sport, you also feel more keen to perform and have a more productive day. Did you know you actually waste less time on your studies when you day is scheduled out with a variety of different activities?


stay healthy!
stay healthy!

3.     Remember to care for your health

We’re Cairene youth; healthy living is the last thing we think about. But it’s worth making a habit of it at this time of the year. Try cutting off junk food; working without heart burn will help you achieve more. Try drinking more juice or that tea that keeps your tummy happy. Take your vitamins, you don’t want to end up with a cold with all these assignments and finals coming up. And eat well; I see more girls feinting these days with hypo-tension because they forgot to eat. If you must, then add your meals to your daily schedule and don’t let all the work overwhelm you.


no time to day dream!
no time to day dream!

4.     Maintain Reality

It’s the end-of-semester, there’s tons of work to go through, all those books you have to read and all those notes you have to go through. It’s the best time to daydream, plan that holiday vacation and think of your dream up your future career job, if you’re travelling abroad, you would have googled up all the must-visit-spots the place has to offer. Focus! It’s easy to get lost in thought when the pressure gets too much. It’s your brain’s way of trying to salvage its sanity but there’s no time to dwell on the future now. It’s the present that’s crucial and if you don’t focus, trust me, there will be no future!


don't just sit there! ASK!
don’t just sit there! ASK!

5.     Ask!

Some of my toughest moments in my academic college life passed due to the fact that I asked  for help. I’ll never forget last year, I was almost living at my friend and fellow editor & writer Ola Oreiba’s place. She helped me a lot to get through that final year, God bless her. But it’s not only your friends; I can recall professors, tutors, and colleagues who made an impact on my life at these times, all because I put my pride aside and asked for help. So when you’re in a tough runt, look around and ask, if not for help then advice; it can always come in handy.


6.     Remind yourself, this will all be over; the best is yet to come…

It’s very true.  As we say in Arabic “et3alem 3lya” and I think I have enough experience (having had 6 long years in university, one of them being an extra year) to say this: “it will all be over, the best is yet to come”. Have hope, it’s not that bleak after all 🙂

remember, he's not president this year! so there's always hope ;)
remember, he’s not president this year! so there’s always hope 😉


What do you think?

Are you suffering from end-of-semester stress? Do you find any of these tips useful? What are your tips for dealing with end-of-semester stress? What would you like us to discuss next month? Let us know in the comments or send to us an email on [email protected]