Students’ Hub: 3 easy ways to keeping the good stuff about you intact

Written by Alaa (aka Lols)

Welcome back, everyone! I hope all of you have somehow managed to stay entertained during the ever so wonderful hours of the curfew that has befallen the country. Well, seeing as how the trend nowadays is for people to write, talk and illustrate the curfew, I thought today I might break that trend and continue where I left off last time in “College Life”.


Last time, we talked about how to evolve during our journey also known as “university” and discover new things about ourselves. This is merely my view on the matter; so some of you might actually have it easier than I have or see things differently than I do.

Now, a complete change is not always a good thing to come by. Here’s a quick guide on how to keep the best parts about you intact during your trip through college.

3 easy ways to keeping the good stuff about you intact:



1.     Keep your best friends closer now than ever. Some of you might disagree about that but I found out that your best friends are the only people who make you manifest the best things about you. If circumstances happened that they’re with you in the same field of study, then you’re lucky. If not, then make some time during the week to get together all of you and share your day-to-day activities. Have them around in your life. They’ll remind you who you are and what you’re worth.



2.     Spend some time with your family. College can be hectic and time consuming for sure but that doesn’t mean family will be cut out of your life. Being with family makes you keep in touch with that inner child within you. Seeing your cousins, your brother(s) or sister(s), your grandparents; you’ll always stay in touch with the best you have to offer.



3.     Shut down from the world around you from time to time. And no, I don’t mean turn into an introvert! But just spend some quality time with yourself. Go over everything that happened to you so far since you left high school. Self-reflect on who you’ve been, who you are and who you want to be. Go over your weaknesses and your strengths and assess yourself; that way you’ll get to know just how much of a person you’ve changed.

Of course, there’s a lot of other different ways to actually form one’s self optimally and accurately. Those were the ones I actually came to realize while I was at university. Like I said, I’m here to give you a head’s up and show you the easiest way through college. I hope my views will help you find a better you and enjoying your college experience. Cheers!


Your thoughts matter!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this piece of article and in the spirit of creating a space that is for you and by you; I encourage you all to leave a comment with your thoughts and what you want to read about next or send us an email on [email protected]


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