Written by Ola Oreiba

"Whatever happened to good voices and music notes? "
“Whatever happened to good voices and music notes? “

Welcome back to Cairo’s Eye Corner! In my efforts to share with you most of the issues that intrigue me all around Cairo and Egypt, I’m still going for the Egyptian musical issue; the disintegration/deterioration…etc.

I’m a huge fan of good music by nature and I’ve been playing the piano since I was so little. I know good music when I hear it and I appreciate whoever plays it and/or listen to it. So naturally, stumbling accidentally upon “mahraganaat” or “sha3by” songs is almost catastrophic. And there’s a major difference between local music that appeals to common people and “mahragan”-style shit (at least the former is actually music). I don’t know when stuff like “mahragan” evolved but they’ve been there for a while and it wasn’t that of a problem until they became involved in everything: ads, movies, TV series, weddings, parties, and everything else that could come across your mind (i.e. dramatically increasing in number and causative mortality rate)


"Should “Oka & Ortega” become my favorite artists for instance? I’d rather die than listen to this shit! "
“Should “Oka & Ortega” become my favorite artists for instance? I’d rather die than listen to this shit! “


What irritates me most is the fact that people’s disgust seemed to somehow transform along the years to acceptance and anticipation, as if it should be our norm somehow, like this is the type of music we would be presenting from now on. Whatever happened to good voices and music notes? Or poetical lyrics and audience that appreciates fine art? Should “Oka & Ortega” become my favorite artists for instance? I’d rather die than listen to this shit! And I’m not prejudiced; everything is wrong with this kind of “you know what I mean because I can’t call this music”. There’s no music at all; non-complementary and so ugly sounds that can’t be put together, and the lyrics –apart from the fact that I usually don’t understand most of them- are usually a bunch of filthy words and ranting about how drunk or fucked up they are which is something most people don’t really care about or they marvel –in a dirty way- at some random woman’s body beauties. *ugly mental pictures*

If you attend any wedding, for some reason the “D.J” has to play “El-Morgeiha” at some point. But what’s the point? I have no idea. It’s supposed to be a sad song about some loser who’s whining about the misfortunes of his life compared to others. So what does it have in common with weddings and parties? Dancing to the music? Not really! *sigh*

The examples are endless and the songs are becoming endless by the hour. No one seems to give a shit. We do have other more important problems, but don’t you think that what got us to this point in the first place is letting go of our culture and traditions, and drifting with trying to modernize so much that we’re now faced with a major identity crisis that we don’t seem to even grasp? Don’t you think that ignoring education –not like there’s any but still- somehow contributed to this? I think we should take a stand against destroying whatever’s still remaining of our culture.


Are you willing to take this stand?

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