Written by Ola Oreiba 

أنا مليونيرة الويبة...يا سوسو!
أنا مليونيرة الويبة…يا سوسو!

Wonderful day spent and delicious food devoured, check! While eating the last piece of a Maltesers tart and sipping the remaining soda in my cup at the end of a nicely spent weekend, I couldn’t help but wonder about what happened in the past week as I welcome the new one with a good night sleep. How odd of a week it was! There was that one thing mentioned in the title that made me wonder if what has come of Egyptians in the past few years is THAT “insert description here”. I won’t even start talking about where the world is while we dwell on whether or not the Vodafone “Shari7et el Mar7oum” ad starring Abla Fahita is part of a great Ikhwani (and God knows whoever else’s behind it) grand conspiracy theory against the Egyptian shopping mall.

“Come on doggy, don’t sniff the bomb!” says the doggy man who’s been bribed by that guy who saw the ad on Youtube and immediately decoded it and understood the carefully hidden message among the runes of words coming from Abla Fahita while she was having a friendly conversation and communicating with her daughter Caro at the same time. GOD FORBID! Here came the hero, Ahmed Spider –fancy name eh?  a God send and a mercy blessed upon us because he happens to be a naturally born conspiracy fighter and conspirators’ buster. He saved us all from the evil Abla Fahita and her daughter Caro, from Vodafone and their destructive offer, and from whoever tries to think he could outsmart Egyptians by coded ads, hidden messages and conspiracies. Other countries fear us now that everyone knows Ahmed Spider lives among us. No one will dare threaten Egypt now. Hallelujah!

WHAT NOW?! WHAT? You don’t like the story? Well, I don’t care, because I believe Ahmed Spider didn’t care when he “decoded” the threat imposed by the Aloe Christmas tree. Or did he? Maybe he just thought he’d been forgotten for a while and that was his idea of a comeback. Maybe he does have that superpower of revealing endangering conspiring puppets. If we know the true answer to what lays behind the curious half-human-half-spider by name in this life or if we didn’t, I doubt it will be amusing either way.



Please share your version of “the description” mentioned in bold above, among your other thoughts on this curious case.

Have a wonderful day!