Written by – Ola Oreiba

Hello our beloved CairoContra readers! It’s your date again with Cairo’s Eye Corner. This week’s episode is going to be about patriotism, faking it and the lack of it.

from Hany ELBehairy's designs! - *speechless*
from Hany ELBehairy’s designs! – *speechless*

Everyone who knows me well or not so much will know that I’m not much of a patriot, despite how I like Cairo and all, it’s somewhere deep in me, maybe, but it doesn’t always show up and I like it that way. Egypt is a patriotic country; we cherish the flag and have always had a thing for patriotic songs; ever since the 50s; Abdelhalim and Um Kolthoum. They went on in the 60s during the wartime and of course after Egypt won the war in 1973. Off to the 90s where Mohamed Tharwat took us back to the whole sucking up to the president dilemma that was started by no other than Gamal Abdelnasser himself back in the 50s.

The new millennium started off a new trend, Egyptianization –or the utter lack of it as everybody knows but chooses to totally ignore it.  We “egyptianized” love, trends, patriotism and everything else that could cross your mind at the moment to a point where we really had to rebel, yes I choose to believe we rebelled for this –it keeps me sane so shut it!

It had to go wrong and it started all over but in a different way; remember “walk like an Egyptian”? You’re there! Luckily it faded away as soon as we got so mixed up and focused on the “deep shit” we were stuck in for the last year. However, as soon as the 30th of June and the days that followed kicked in, a whole new era of sucking up took over and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to fade. Brace yourselves and you’re welcome to “Teslam El Ayady”

The song is a lyrical and musical fail by all means. The repetitive, monotonous chorus is so nerve-wrecking it can actually drive you nuts you can smash your head to the nearest wall and I’m sure if a study was ever conducted to inspect the side effect of the song, we’ll sure find out the song is a hypertensive and epileptic agent, it might also have an effect on depressing your libido –not that we need a study to prove all that!

I don’t mind that Ihab Tawfik looks younger every time he shows up in a new song, or that somehow along the years Ghada Ragab’s voice flattened so much it hurts hearing her sing in “Teslam El Ayady”, or that Khaled Aggag’s son will eventually be a singer in the near future or that Mostafa Kamel’s son also plans on singing bearing in mind he has his father’s teeth –uglier actually- and they’re totally not photogenic, or Sooma’s failed dirty platinum blonde barbie with bubblegum lipstick attempt, even Nicki Minaj can do better, or that this song could be Samir ElEskandarany’s dying wish, or that Mostafa Kamel was photographed like this someday,


or that he even supported Morsy before and now he’s all “Sisy true love”. It’s their business as long as I don’t see it, but since I did, I think they should all die a slow and painful death –well, except for Samir, he’s had enough.

However, What I really DO mind is leading people on and awakening the sucking up habit inside them. I’m not a coup/anti-coup fanatic –I don’t really care that much to be honest- but it saddens me to see people put so much effort into sucking up and ego feeding shit. We thank the military and really appreciate their efforts but why can’t we move one and start doing something about the failing economy or the killing traffic or f***ed up education or actually building ourselves and our country?

I swear to God we’re not pharaohs anymore. WAKE UP!! It’s not just about a government or a president or a regime, change comes from within the people, so what if the people don’t believe they need to change, of course nothing will change, because would someone change if they think they rock that much?


So what do you think?

If you agree or not, or have anything to add to my humble opinion, or share my hate for “Teslam El Ayady” please let me know whether through comments or email on [email protected].

Until next time!