Written by Ola Oreiba

I don’t give a shit.

Hola, Cairenes! Writing about Cairo is becoming so difficult it’s taking me much longer than it used to.  Staring at the blank Word document with zilch idea coming in has become the norm.  Because for one, I don’t really understand whatever’s happening and for two –that’s going to be our little secret and of course it’s never been a secret to those who know me well and I think it shows on my face – I don’t give a shit. Hell yeah!

Again, I’ve been staring for hours and hours hopelessly, so I sought the help of a friend who knew I was supposed to be starting this article at noon. I asked him to tell me something about Cairo and he was like “Cairo… The city that never sleeps… or so it was what they used to call it back before it became the shitty thing that’s been in a coma for some time now”. Then he started talking about Trypanosomiasis  (you may excuse our geeky nature of course) and we knew whatever we’re going to be talking about afterwards was definitely going to be more appealing than Cairo nowadays –and believe me it was! But I am not going to share that with you (tongue out).

Every day A LOT happens.

See the thing is, every day A LOT happens; great events like explosions, bombings, arresting, protesting, official public statements from whoever dreams of talking, thousands of different opinions from the very same people appearing in various media channels literally every day. What they say changes within the hours of one day, because why the hell not?! At the end of the day there is still going to be a hell of a lot of people who believe whatever filth coming out of their mouths. I don’t know who gave them the authority to speak on the behalf of anyone even themselves and how they toy with people’s ideas, emotions, ideals and the list goes on…It’s just beyond my reckoning.

And amidst all the trying to follow-up with the updates, building an opinion of your own or trying to take time to take all this in, all the valid and invalid arguments and loud debates, people lose it; their temper, their morals, their faith, the self-preserved image they try so hard to wear on their faces every morning before facing anyone else but their damaged core so freshly wounded and inflamed in their reflection on the mirror. Or they lose something else –like I did; their interest. Which was replaced by a sense of non-belonging or you-may-all-burn-in-hell-I-don’t-care kind of void, that in my case at least I know won’t be redeemed.

The question here in either cases now that you at least follow up with everything, WHAT FOR?!

I’d really love to know.