Cairo's Couch Corner: Fruit for Thought

Written by Ola Oreiba

Hey everyone! Cairo’s Eye Corner is back this week with some rhetorical questions that I hope to get answers for at some point in time hopefully.

It all began last Thursday when I woke up to a huge explosion only; I didn’t know it was an explosion. I opened my eyes to this very loud sound. You guessed it right! I am a Nasr City resident and I woke up to the explosion that occurred in Mostafa ElNahaas street a little before 11 o’clock in the morning last Thursday that meant to assassinate the Minister of Interior, Mohamed Ibrahim. Of course I don’t really live near there that much yet I still heard it. It gives you an idea how big it really was. Actually at first, I thought it was one of those military pilots crossing the sound barrier and closed my eyes again for a while then I decided to leave the bed and start my day off. A phone call later on from a friend who was concerned about my safety knowing that I lived there was how I knew that it was an explosion. I wouldn’t have seen it coming no matter what indeed.


The question is; is stuff like that- explosions/assassinations…etc. – going to be the norm from now on? Should we leave our houses expecting some psycho blowing himself up across the street thinking he’s on a mission from God? Should we blame our parents for acting all so paranoid every time we attempt to go out? What triggered all this? And what’s so worthy of someone’s life? What about those who were in that street by mere chance? What about the child who lost a limb? What are they fighting for or representing by doing something like this? What do you think is our safety level in the streets of this country? Is it a lost cause, discussing all this? Being concerned about my future and the lives of those I care for here? Right now, all I know is that I feel sorry for us. I really am sorry things got that far because after all, in my opinion, nothing really deserves all this…not even our freedom.


What do you think? Do you have any answers? Or just more questions? Share your opinion whether thought comments or email as on [email protected]


About Ola Oreiba

I’m a girl who's typically doing nothing except wondering and wandering around Cairo. I spend most of my time listening to music while I’m mostly stuck in the Cairo traffic. I love fashion and food A LOT, I also have a thing for reading books by not-so-popular authors because I believe there’s an intriguing story behind each and every creature in this world of ours.

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