Written by – Ola Oreiba

Rain <3 and traffic :(
Rain <3 and traffic 🙁

Hello Cairenes! Welcome to your first dose of Cairo’s Eye Corner for November 2013! I hold this month special feelings because I always think it’s where everything changes in anticipation to the New Year –whatever. November also brought on a different kind of weather where the sun started to disappear sometimes during the day and last weekend, it also rained a bit. There weren’t any rain showers and whatever rain we go only lasted for a couple of minutes (several times on each day) but it still rained and that’s always something to fellow Egyptians.

Rain isn’t considered a scarcity in Egypt, but still not so abundant or typical. Since the dawn of age, rain has always been a good sign. It brings on good fortune and good luck to the lands and the people. However, as the cyberspace expands with time, rain also brings on a few accessories that match the informatory technology of this era aka Facebook statuses, tweets and Instagram photos adorned with virtual black and white hearts *sigh*- You should be able to keep up with the frequency of my sighing in this column by now.  I see you rolling your eyes; WE ALL DO IT. Is it our “sharing is caring” part of our characters? Or do we feel the pride of luxury of getting to see the rain? I think my questions, rhetorical as they may be, would have a totally different notion when you see Egyptians driving in Cairo streets during our BRIEF rainy encounters.

Fullscreen capture 11102013 100822 PM.bmp
Omar trying to go home from work last Thursday night

How you ask? I tell you, have you noticed the word “BRIEF” in capitals? You did. Because around this time of the year, rain wouldn’t last more than 15-20 minutes max yet if you see our streets, how crammed they are, with water pools everywhere and turning into slippery surfaces, thanks to the great people who executed the excruciable designs, you’d wonder if the country was flooded while we were hypnotized for minutes. The attitude of the people would never ever help with the situation making it even more difficult under the circumstances and adding up to the already existing traffic, we end up with a literally paralyzed capital city; so tense and angry, no hints of compromise whatsoever. “I WILL LET YOU PASS OVER MY DEAD BODY” says one while his hands are glued to his car horn and makes weird angry gestures in his rear view mirror. I tell you formula one champion, CHILL THE F*** OUT!

It’s always like that every day and hour, but with all the stress and mess that rain brings along in Egypt, it makes me wonder where those loving creatures that are so happy with God’s bestowed gift are. Yeah, watching from their rooms’ window I suppose. But, why the pretense if we can’t endure one another so much? I don’t know about you, but every day I come to realize how bipolar and pretentious we Egyptians are, in all aspects of life, and it makes me sick to the stomach how people can keep up with themselves being that weird, their lives full of lies. And how they still enjoy it is beyond my humble understanding or recognition. After all, maybe they don’t.

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